7 Spring Must Haves & Where to Get Them

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

With spring almost here, we’re definitely turning the season at the Studio – even though it doesn’t feel like it’s nearby in NYC… We can pretend for the sake of it. Right?

After such a great fashion month, we’re turning to fast fashion brands (or as Zara likes to be called, accurate fashion) and giving you a peek into what you need for a wardrobe revamp. You know the basics, but we’re talking about trends – top Spring must haves. You can turn the most basic pieces around by simply adding a new pop of something. Take, for instance, the beret trend.

This Spring/Summer 2017, we can expect to see a re-interpretation of the 80s as a modern classic. Think dramatic shoulders, jumbo frills, bling-bling, lamé, and PVC. Prepare for juxtaposing saturated colors like fuchsia and a strong orange. Vichy, stripes, and florals will catch the eyes and make you look at something twice. And of course, let’s not forget the DIY force that’s been showing up on every seam and hem. It’s time for you to make the rules and decide what you want to wear.

Here is our prediction of 7 huge Spring must haves!

#1 Vichy

Vichy, or gingham, is one of the most coveted trends this season. Zara even has a whole section dedicated to it. We’ve seen it in shirts, pants, shoes, and coats – there’s no excuse for not having several picnics at Central Park – or really anywhere – this year.

Shop our favorite pieces below:


#2 Color Blocking

From fuchsia, to red, and blue and orange, there’s no holding back on color. Why should we? Spring is a time when nature is reborn and so should we. After a long ass all black-brown-navy winter, we should be able to pick up any piece that instantly revives our days.

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#3 80s Redux

Broad shoulders, tulle, lamé, PVC, sheer fabrics, and leather – whatever you can think of, Saint Laurent did it. But in a more contemporary way. It’s definitely not as in-your-face as before. I’m certainly getting on board with the sheer, shoulders, and lamé.

Shop our favorite pieces below:


#4 Groundbreaking Florals

We’ve learnt by now that Spring and florals walk hand in hand. But this year, the trend has gone even further. Several of major labels (like Miu-Miu and Iro) showed us how to wear it head-to-toe unapologetically. It’s a full on Kim-Kardashian Givenchy gown circa 2013.

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#5 Mix and Match

If we take Gucci’s eccentricity on a daily whim, we’re up for anything. There’s this new wave of mixing and matching everything – and it works. Exaggerate your accessories. Mix and match the most clashing prints and fabrics. We’re facing a new era of eclecticism where anything and everything seems to work.

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#6 Minimalism

We can always rely on brands like Céline, Hermés, and Bottega Veneta to take minimalism to the next level. They certainly know how to make minimalism look refreshing, contrasting everything. They throw a sense of purism, practicality, and utilitarianism into their collections. There’s a whole post-World War II era coming at us where practicality is king.

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#7 DIY

Along with the 80s redux, everyone seems to be pitching in with their own opinion. They’re adding their own style, rules, patches, pins, and opinion on everything. Feminism is on the rise yet again, and it’s become a fashion accessory.

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X Eduarda

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