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5 Podcasts That Have Changed My Life

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

I get the feeling that everything is done electronically or digitally these days yet I’m the least digital person ever and can only survive on the bare essentials. I resisted iPhones for a long time because I thought having a cellphone with the actual keypad was the shit. I refused to check Facebook on my phone because I thought the desktop version was so much better. This meant I was out of the loop for quite some time if I didn’t have my computer. And we can’t let that happen right?

But lately, I’ve been taking a lot of risks and stepping out of my comfort zone because, why the hell not…

I delved into a lot of things I wasn’t normally used to mainly to keep challenging myself – I was feeling a bit stuck. And what kind of creative person would I be if I didn’t get off my ass and look into the world? I signed up for a course. I started buying stacks of magazines to browse through. And surprisingly, I even started listening to podcasts.

my favorite podcastsFor those out of the loop (like me), podcasts are audio files typically available as series or daily casts. This opened up a whole new amazing world for me. You can listen to podcasts on your phone (or computer), which means I can carry it with me all the freaking time. Now my commutes are so much better…and even at home, I’m listening while cooking, taking a shower, or just hanging out.

It can be overwhelming at first because there are thousands, if not millions, of podcasts to choose from. And in the beginning, I subscribed to way too many. But after exploring a bit more, I narrowed it down to a few I’m really interested in. So here are my top 5 favorite podcasts, in no particular order:

#1 Pardon My French

The first one I subscribed to was Pardon My French, a podcast by illustrator and blogger Garance Doré. She has two different segments, one where she has candid conversations with friends and another where she interviews people in different industries (the last one I heard was with India Mahdavi, an architect and designer). In the candid conversations, you get to hear about issues that most people go through and it sounds like you’re having dinner with friends. It’s a great podcast to just have in the background and laugh to.

#2 TED Talks

This was actually the second one I subscribed to. I’ve been an avid fan of the TED talks website but listening to the podcasts is way better. You just soak yourself into the stories of the speakers. They’re always so interesting and talk about a variety of subjects.

#3 Here’s the Thing

Here’s the Thing is my favorite podcast. I could listen to Alec Baldwin talk for dayyyzzzzzz. He talks to actors, musicians, artists, and it’s so invigorating and funny. I’m constantly laughing at the conversations he has and how smart they all sound. It’s a great podcast to unwind to at the end of the day. Make sure you enjoy it with a glass of wine.

#4 The Daily

Because I don’t like turning on CNN or FOX News, I’ve been relying on this podcast from The New York Times to keep me updated on all that’s happening with the world. They are only around 20 minutes which makes it easier to listen to every day.

#5 Guys We F****d

Guys We F****d is without a doubt the funniest and most candid podcast I listen to. It’s two girls, talking about guys they fucked. But all stories are peculiar and told in a very unexpected, funny, and open way. I didn’t think I would like this sort of podcast but I actually do and I keep coming (no pun intended) back.

Do you listen to podcasts? I would love some more suggestions!


X Eduarda


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