Our New York Fashion Week Trend Forecast

Written by: Zanita Studio


It seems like yesterday we were just talking about NYFW in September 2016.

Now, here we are again, getting ready for another season of NYFW. Men’s just ended and we certainly saw some great and revolutionary designs on the runway – most brimming with political charge and aspirational revolutions. It seems like the current political environment spurred designers to carefully craft collections that represent the breeding tension in our society and offers a little hope and brightness. It’s an intelligent way to spread awareness.

But anyway, soon to start is fashion week in New York, and we could not be more excited, especially since the big boss ( @ZanitaZanita) will join in.

new york fashion weekWhat’s interesting about fashion week in February is that we get to see all the street style starlets impressive methods of surviving the cold. The freezing cold temperatures of New York are an impulse for layer!It’s definitely the most creative season to binge watch outside the shows.

Before all the craziness begins, we get into trend spotting and predictions – what are we going to be seeing out there and what might we wear…

We love prying on – its tumblr-esq website serves a great sourcing point if you’re looking for the hottest in fashion right now. You can scroll through endless inspiration…

Based on what we’ve seen, here’s our trend forecast for New York Fashion Week:


#1 Architectural Sleeves

Sleeves have blown up over the last few seasons. We started out with bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder tops, and frills. But now, they’ve gained a life of their own and are standing alone. You could be just wearing huge sleeves and no bottoms. Ha! Totally joking. But you can surely bet that they’re getting bigger & better as tread along.


Shop our favorites below:


#2 Color Block Accessories

Color Blocking is all about spotlighting. What this ultimately means is that, you pick one single accessory that’s going to speak for your entire outfit. Draw attention by pairing a bright yellow bag with an all-black outfit…

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#3 Athluxury

That’s right. I said it. Vogue classified 2017’s athleisure as athluxury. Major brands, like Outdoor Voices and Supreme, are endorsing this upcoming trend, which enables us to go to a party dinner decked out in hoodies and heels. Do you like it?


Shop our favorites below:


#4 Boho Americana

There’s a huge Americana movement happening in fashion right now. With so much going on in North America, we’re predicting the new boho spanning the 60s and all things western and cowboy. Chloé is doing this particularly well!


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