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My 5 Worst Fashion Mistakes

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

After Susan and Brittany wrote about their worst mistakes in career and blogging, I decided it was a good idea to share my worst FASHION mistakes. After all, and even though I don’t necessarily believe in fashion faux pas, there has to be a limit.

I’m not even talking about the possible outfits you can put together but just being all over the place!

I still cringe at the thought of some outfits and trends I wore over time. Like, wtf was I thinking? Nowadays, I realize it was all part of the experience. I’m highly experimental and if I feel like I should be wearing something, I will. But I used to eat up all the trends out there, which was less than ideal.

You might ask why… Well, because not all trends are going to fit you, your style, or your personality. And you shouldn’t fit into a cookie cutter mold just because everyone else is. A few weeks back, I was having a conversation with some friends about how back at home, every girl seems to dress the same. If something sold out at Zara, you knew you’d definitely see it everywhere. And the probability of someone wearing the same outfit as you is as high as 70%.

I experienced that first hand. In 2011, I spent New Year’s Eve with my then boyfriend now husband’s friends. We went to a house outside of Lisbon and I picked a dress from Zara – dark grey with shiny details and a huge open back. I loved it. There was only 15 of us and one of the girls wore the same exact dress – in the same exact way too. I wasn’t embarrassed or frustrated, and we actually started calling ourselves the twins.

But here in New York, it’s a completely different reality. You might see lots of women wearing the same sort of trend, but everyone does it in their own way. And since coming here, it’s been amazing to see how my style has evolved.

There’s an incredible variety of styles here, and NYC gives you the freedom to adapt and make them your own. There’s an inexplicable vibe to it here.

Without further ado, let’s get into my worst fashion mistakes throughout the past few years.

my worst fashion mistakes

#1 Not wearing properly fitted clothes.

Given that most of us buy into fast fashion stores where the sizes are pretty much standardized, the garments either fit or they don’t. But I can’t tell you how many times in the past I bought something because I loved it despite the fit being completely wrong. Or the old excuse: I’ll lose weight and the 34 will fit just fine.

Now, if it doesn’t fit properly, it stays no matter how much I love it.

#2 Being a compulsive buyer.

OMG, I’m so guilty of this one. My worst time was during my 3 years in college. I was highly depressed and food and shopping were my best friends. I moved away from home, left my parents and boyfriend behind, and I just wasn’t fitting into a new school in a new city with new people. I shopped so much and made all the mistakes above and below.

Nowadays I’m a lot more conscious of the purchases I make. I really marinate on the clothes and wonder if I need them or. If I really want to buy them, I either donate or sell something I don’t use anymore. My rule of thumb is: if I haven’t worn it in six months to a year, it’s got to go.

#3 Copying someone else’s style.

I feel like I’m still guilty of this sometimes. I don’t think it’s wrong to love what someone else is wearing and try to replicate it. But that doesn’t mean it fits your personal style. I remember I was always very influenced by the friends I used to hang out with. While I was in college, I had a very sporty style because of my best friend, then I went on to my Master’s and it was overly sexy clothes – body-con dresses and heels – all because of my “squad”.

It’s not easy to figure out your personal style. It takes time and work. You have to select key pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Even if it means trial and error.


#4 Combining too many trends at once.

I still recall to this day, one fateful morning when I was in college back in 2007. I was completely hungover from the night before with an 8:30 AM class. When the time came to get dressed, I swear it seemed like I blacked out. I wore black skinny jeans, pointed metallic mary jane flats, a multi-colored polkadot top underneath a canary yellow hooded knit. It might not seem as bad, but it was horrible. Even though some trends work together, beware of mixing too many at once.

 #5 Not having a go-to outfit

For years, I never had something to just put on whenever I felt uninspired, which was a huge mistake. It’s highly important to have an outfit combo you know works and you don’t mind wearing all the time. I have this thing where I think about what to wear the night before – this helps me prepare appropriately so I’m not frazzled the minute I wake up.

Having a 3 to 4 piece ensemble in the back of your closet does wonders. Let’s say you have a pair of tailored pants, a white t-shirt, a bomber, and a pair of slides ready to go. You now have time for breakfast, a book, or QT with your significant other. Have a ready-to-go formula that kicks ass over and over.

Do you have any fashion mistakes I didn’t list? Don’t forget to share! Until then, shop smart!

X Eduarda

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