My 5 Worst Blogging Mistakes

Written by: Brittany Grace

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. But I think we can all agree that some mistakes we could have done without, especially when it comes to your blog.

In blogging (and any industry really), every mistake you make is an opportunity for another blogger to swoop in and pick up your broken pieces. Ultimately, mistakes set us back, and in this day and age, time is of the essence. Period. So if there’s one thing you take away from anything I’ve ever said, please take advice from bloggers who have already made a ton of mistakes so you don’t have to!

With that being said, I’ve definitely made a ton of blogging mistakes but for now, we’ll start with my 5 favorites:

worst blogging mistakes#1 Trying to be cool

My blog has stayed pretty authentic throughout the years. However, there have been moments where I tried to fit in and use the same writing style, language, photography, and editing as other bloggers.

In my early Snapchat days, I put on this phony voice (you know, the one where you sound like you’re singing), and I tried to make my life seem more exciting than it was. Ugh. I actually cringe at the thought of some of my first Snapchat videos.

I even tried the whole “so cute” thing – “Aren’t these shoes SO cute?! This restaurant is SO cute!” but that got old quick. There are only so many times I can hear something is “so cute” before my ears start to bleed.

I finally realized I was just trying to be cool instead of saying what I wanted to say like, “These shoes are extremely painful but they look damn good” or “This restaurant will 100% make you fat”

I would also caption my Instagrams with the stereotypical “Beach vibes” or “#goals”… where did those even come from?! Now I’ve learned to write out WHAT beach I went to and WHY something is #goals.

Moral of the story: trying to be cool is never cool.

#2 Not incorporating video

Before Not Another Blonde, I ran a video series on my old blog called “Mindful Monday” where I taught people how to be mindful of the life they were living. Topics varied and I even had guests come on.

Well, when I started looking at other people’s YouTube videos, my OCD kicked in and I thought all my videos were crap so I deleted them all. Yup, every last video I had I deleted.

Ask me how I feel about that today? Go ahead… I’M PISSED!

I mean, in my defense, the videos aren’t topics I would necessarily talk about today so I do think a clean slate would have happened no matter what, but at least if I had those other videos, I would have established myself as a YouTuber and grew an audience years before everyone else.

Now I see the value in video.

nyfw-street-style-by-zanita-whittingtonVideo is the closest thing you can get to connecting with your audience without being right next to them. And don’t worry so much about the quality like I did. The content matters much more than the quality of the video. Your videos don’t have to be perfect or super professional, you just have to do the best you can with what you have.

Lesson learned? Launch fast, adjust later.

#3 Caring about what other people were doing

Another HUGE blogging mistake I made that plays into the fact that I didn’t incorporate video sooner was focusing on what other people were doing. You should be aware to a degree what your competition and fellow bloggers are doing, what projects they’re launching, and what strategies they’re using, but you shouldn’t obsess over it.

While I was busy obsessing over other bloggers, they were busy hustling and I was getting left behind in the dust – not a fun place to be. Today I care much less about how fabulous other bloggers’ lives appear to be so I can focus on making my own life even more fabulous.

Outfit-117cYou never want to get distracted from what you want to accomplish. Even something so small as watching Snapchat can be dangerous. You watch one person’s story and the next thing you know you’re going through your whole friend list and you’ve wasted a half hour.

#4 Wasting time

My favorite saying as of late is “shit or get off the pot”. I say it to myself, I say it to my friends, and the reason being is that I used to have a habit of freezing under pressure. I had a lot of ideas and didn’t know where to start or how to execute so I just sat there and did nothing.

What a waste of time! I watched tons of bloggers “steal” the ideas I had months, even years, prior and while they reaped the benefits, I was broke and miserable. But it was my own fault. Had I done what I wanted to do at the time I wanted to do it, I’d probably be living large on a yacht somewhere (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration), but I would definitely be closer to my goals than I am now. Although during this “waste of time” I learned a lot about myself and I was able to get clear on my focus.

#5 Not doing giveaways

I wish I jumped on loop giveaways when they first got popular. They were rare, unique, and you didn’t have to jump through 50 different hoops to win. Now when I see loop giveaways I just roll my eyes and I can’t believe people still participate. At this point it’s just an effort to get more followers.

That’s not to say I’m totally against all giveaways. In fact, I love a giveaway between two bloggers or a blogger and a brand or just one blogger. Those I think are much more effective and hold much more value than loop giveaways. Every so often I do a giveaway with my own products/services as a “thank you for your support” gift. More bloggers should do giveaways for their followers, it’s the least they can do. After all, they wouldn’t be where they are today without their followers.

What is your biggest blogging mistake? Tell us below!


xx Britt

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