Is Essence Essential in Your Skincare Routine?

Written by: Susan Hang

I began using essence a year ago when I decided to experiment with the 10-step Korean beauty regimen, and I’ve had mixed feelings about whether I need to keep using it…

I’ve gone through two entire bottles (the Cremor Lab Mineral Treatment Essence & highly revered SK-II Facial Treatment Essence) – both of which I felt were nice, but not life changing. I’ve had no intentions of purchasing another bottle of essence until I got a hold of Tatcha’s Essence… So, I wanted to share why…

is essence essential | zanita studiois essence essential?

Tatcha’s Essence

One of the reasons I was initially drawn to the Tatcha Essence was its claims to smooth and resurface the skin as it’s comprised of natural fermentation ingredients that produce lactic acid. I’ve also have had more reasons lately to maximize hydration since I’ve seriously been over cleansing, exfoliating, etc. Although it hasn’t done much for my acne, which I didn’t expect but was optimistic with the lactic acid, I’ve felt like my skin is much softer and smoother in texture with continued use. It has also been super gentle on my ultra-sensitive skin that’s been laden with chemical peels, retinols, and all acids. It’s honestly everything I expected an Essence to be and more. While the Cremorlab & SK-II helped retain moisture, I didn’t feel they did more beyond that…

Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Essence

On the topic of essence, I’ve also been using the Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Essence. This is not your normal essence because it feels more like a light-weight lotion compared to the typical viscous water texture of most. It claims to increase firmness, hydration, and provide a youthful appearance – I think it excelled best at hydration and that was about it. Of the Saturday Skin products I have tried, this essence wasn’t exactly my favorite. I love that it’s infused with pomegranate, but really, it felt like nothing more than a lightweight moisturizer – something I’d use under makeup in the summer.


So, is essence essential?

Ultimately, essence is worth a shot especially if you lean on the drier side. And if you’re looking for some added benefits along the way, the Tatcha essence truly delivers. If you lean combo, oily, and acne-prone, I don’t think you’re missing out.

What do you think? Have you tried essence and do you love it?


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