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How the Fashion World Is Getting Political and We LOVE It

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


Fashion Month just started and our predictions weren’t far behind.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and we are soaking up everything from Zanita’s Insta Stories! While it’s very interesting to see what’s going on in the fashion world, I can’t refrain from having a few thoughts of my own.

Almost a month ago, I started taking a course at Parsons here in New York, focusing on Fashion Business. I have subjects like Fashion Trends and Fashion Merchandising. It’s been so interesting to see everything come together in different categories and being able to talk, write, and read all things fashion. My favorite so far has been Fashion Trends. We’re discussing this fashion revolution happening on the runways and the streets.


The political and social environments are going bananas worldwide with the left parties taking over liberal Europe, the American election, Putin’s controversial stands… But regardless of which side you’re on, you can’t deny there’s a wave of revolution in the air.

Very similar to what the sexual revolution was in the 60s, people are becoming more and more interested in politics and want to know every single controversy that’s happening out there.

More than that, people want to stand up and be heard.

Because of all the commotion and social media movement, the fashion world is getting political through design. Not even in a low-key way, but all in your face. Prabal Gurung finalized his show with all the models, and himself, wearing slogan t-shirts. Public School had caps saying “Make America New York”. Raf Simons brought the Americana spirit to Calvin Klein. A thing of beauty.
fashion world is getting political

I find it interesting to see how a trend is rising up: taking a stand, making a point, and defending a cause. Whether you’re talking political preferences, Planned Parenthood, woman’s rights, human rights… Fashion is a force to be reckoned with.

Designers are blurring the lines between women and menswear. We can wear whatever the hell we want and who cares… Even street style is showing us that femininity can transpire through something else. There’s no looking at our shape anymore, but rather our character and personality. Bringing more meaning to the “beauty comes from within” expression.

You know we’re always up for great causes, and this new era is where it’s at – it’s more than support. It’s showing it on your skin loud and proud. We can actually say we’re living the change!

It’s such a great time to be involved. Fashion shows are not what they used to be, stores are changing the way they approach consumers, and consumers are looking for more from a fast-paced industry.

What do you think about this political and social revolution?


X Eduarda

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Image Source Credits – Vogue


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