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The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Well the moment has finally arrived…

I’m actually stumped on what to say… This feels like an incredible exhalation…

Azalle is live!

zanita | azalleI guess I can just talk to you about my course! I’ve been fortunate to share my photographic journey with all of you over the past few years (actually… 8 years!) and I’ve loved every minute. I’m self-taught and wouldn’t have it any other way. Self-learning makes you reflective, intuitive, and resourceful, but the downside is it’s a slower process. My course is all about photography as I see it.

The idea that great, editorial photographs can only be taken by professionals with a team of assistants and extravagant equipment is over. With access to digital cameras and countless resources today, anyone can create an impactful image. This is what I’m going to share with you on Azalle.

(right, Nadia Fairfax by me)



britt10(left, Brittany Darling by me)

If you purchased the course on the previous platform, you should have received an email to regain access. I’m excited to hear what you think of the new and improved version! The Azalle learning experience is totally dynamic and a breeze to go through, filled with videos, audio files, and interactive slides.

Azalle is a subscription service, which means if you’re signing up for my course, you’ll also get incredible learning opportunities from digital titans like Sonya Esman, Chloe Morello, and Jenny Cipoletti – but we also have so many more to come! Overall, we hope to deliver a holistic understanding of what it takes to communicate effectively online while sharing a multitude of experiences you can learn from. This is valuable, not only if you’re a blogger, but for anyone who has any interest in social media, marketing, branding, or just wanting to finesse their brand’s outlets of communication.

We are at the forefront of a new social era and our digital footprint is part of our resumé. Knowing what works for you isn’t just about following one person and emulating them; it’s about seeing a wide spectrum of social media entrepreneurs – how they are changing and adapting, how they communicate, and applying strategies that drive people to drown out the noise and hear only your voice. It’s about getting a foot ahead because digital and social communication is the biggest evolution of our technological era.

So with that, I’m thrilled to share with you this labour of love – not possible without my partners in crime, Gustav and Susan – for whom I’m forever indebted to!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Azalle!!

– Zanita xx

(below, Sonya Esman by me)

sonya esman for azalle



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