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Holidays Are Gone, but Sale Season Isn’t

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Even though the holidays are gone, sale season is officially here!

I always save up a few bucks for this time of year and hunt for the pieces I’ve coveted throughout the season. It’s a great opportunity to get a warm winter coat, great pair of boots, or that cute bag.

The problem can be filtering through all your favorite brands because the options are plenty. The solution? As always, look no further. I’ve done that for you – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on great fashion deals.

#1 Coats

sale season | coats

Coats are the epitome of winter and the best purchases you can make during a sale, mainly because you’re getting something you are certainly going to wear every single day at a great price. And given that outfits can get a bit boring in the winter, make sure you find a piece that stands out on its own and makes up for your entire look.

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#2 Knitwear


Second most important part of winter: knits. Oh the coziness! For me, the fluffier the better. But picking out a good knit that will last you a few winters and survive all the coming and going is not necessarily easy. Make sure you look at the fabrics and pick the ones made out of wool or cashmere. Both will keep you warm.

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#3 Jeans


I think jeans are my single most favorite thing. As of this past summer, I only had a few pairs, but through the course of a few months, my collection grew exponentially. Here in New York, I have to wear them with a pair of leggings underneath, but it’s totally worth it.

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#4 Boots


The only acceptable way to survive winter in New York City, are boots. Boots, boots, boots. They have to be mostly comfy, slip-proof, and puddle resistant. I walk through the streets of Manhattan too often, so it’s only natural that a pair of boots lasts me only a season.

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#5 Bags


Last but not least, the bag. Again, something that has to be practical and hold all your stuff. For me, huge totes are the way the go, so I can put away my beanie, camera, gloves, umbrella, tissues, lipstick, and a spare pair of socks – because you never know.

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Happy shopping!

X Eduarda

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