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Where to Find Inspiration if You’re a Creative

Written by: Zanita Studio


One of the things we struggle with most as bloggers outside of generating content is creativity.

Being a social influencer with several outlets to share content can be tiresome. You have to constantly keep up with what others are doing and writing while being mindful of what your audience wants to read.

We’ve talked about it before, but 2017 is the year of story telling. With apps like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s easy to give your audience an all-access pass into the BTS of your life. People are more and more interested in finding out what happens before you snap that gorgeous picture you just posted. Or what your process is like for creating flatlays. Or even what you do on a Sunday morning. It’s about engaging with them in an intimate real-time way, and showing them what’s happening in between the time you conceive something to the time you finish it…

find inspirationMost influencers won’t publish just anything. There’s an entire system & team behind it, which means it’s normal if you struggle with finding the right things to talk about or subjects to approach. Not everything is newsworthy and maybe you haven’t exactly found your course of action. Plus, everything can feel bland when everyone’s doing the same thing… However, you always have a choice. It’s up to you to decide what’s more relevant: your new purchases or the bigger things in life like the Women’s March

We’re no expert in politics or bigger issues despite our strong opinions and high respect for the opinions of others. But, we choose to be a place that drowns out negativity… We love to talk beauty routines, fashion trends, and the simplest places and things that inspire.

Before we get there though, there’s this massive process in between called research! And do we love doing our research, so if you haven’t nailed down your resources, here’s a start – where we personally like to find inspiration!

Our main source of research are the blogs we’ve come to love and fashion publications everyone loves (e.g. Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar). Depending on what your focus or preference is, you can follow fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travelfood, or magazine-style blogs. However, don’t flat out copy any of them – use them as a starting point and sprinkle your own fairy dust on it.

We also LOVE Pinterest. It’s one of the greatest sources of inspiration and you can find almost everything there from interesting articles to visual inspiration or DIY projects. Venture out and explore. We guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Print media whether that’s books, magazines, or catalogs can be very refreshing to go through. They can transport you to different places, which can birth your best ideas! Just be sure to keep a pen handy so you can write them down.

Lastly, go out into the world and reflect. Look at your own experience. You’re a wealth of possibilities on your own. The best story you can tell is always your own, so go for a walk, take some pictures, have a drink with a friend, and then reflect & write.

Don’t worry about getting stuck. Creating nonstop is the key to getting unstuck. We all go have ups and downs when it comes to the creative process so take advantage of the times you’re super inspired and let it all out. We know that not everyday is content creation day and that’s why we make the most out of the ones that are.

Where do you find inspiration? We’re always up for new ideas!


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