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Why You Need a Blogger Bestie & Where to Find One

Written by: Brittany Grace

Behind every blogger is a blogger bestie.

More often than not, having a blogger bestie or “girl gang” is no coincidence. It is yet another pro blogger tip that you too can use to grow your blog/following. No matter what niche you’re in, having a blogger bestie will give you someone who understands the biz, someone to bounce ideas off, and someone who challenges your creativity. And that’s just on the emotional support side of things.

On the strategy side of things, tagging each other in your Instagram photos and linking to each other’s blogs will spread brand awareness between the two of you. Your audience is now being introduced to your bestie and your bestie’s audience is being introduced to you. You’re reaching twice the amount of people that you would reach if you were trying to do things on your own.

blogger bestieA blogger bestie will also be the first person to become a brand ambassador for any new projects you’re working on. Fellow bloggers have the credibility for the testimonial you need to be successful. Now that is #girlpower at its finest.

Before you find a blogger bestie ask yourself…

How can I tie this person into my blog story?

You want the friendship to seem as authentic as possible. A good way to incorporate your blogger bestie is to slowly start showing her/him on social media. Maybe you Snapchat/Instastory a coffee date with your bestie, or you take an Instagram picture of your “date” and mention your bestie in the caption, then maybe you interview each other on your blogs.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Though I would avoid making an announcement like “This is my bestie Brittany and she’s super cool, you should follow her on Instagram”. That sounds a little phony to me.

You want your readers to get a sense of your bestie’s personality and the best way to do that is by documenting your activities with this person naturally. Zanita does this particularly well with Rebecca Laurey and vice versa.

Will this friendship make sense?

Obviously, the best friendship is a real one. And you will find that one blogger you really mesh with; it just might take you a few “bad dates” beforehand. Ideally, if you’re a food blogger, you want to find another food blogger bestie. If you’re a minimal blogger, you want to find a minimal blogger bestie… so on and so forth. That way, your audiences will have no problem overlapping since you know they already like the food or minimal blogger vibe.

But sometimes, you can’t help who you mesh with, so if you’re a minimal blogger and your blogger bestie is a shoe blogger, fine, it’ll work. It might even work better because now you’re able to tap into a totally new audience you never would have before. Still with me?

What can I bring to the table?

You want to make sure the friendship is mutually beneficial and you’re not just sucking your blogger bestie dry. Friendship is friendship, after all. Say your blogger bestie is really great at video content and you’re really great at Instagram content. Combine your strengths so you grow together.

When you offer your talents to someone in the same line of work as you (blogging), a respect is formed and the other person knows you’re not just in it for yourself – which is a great quality to have especially in the blogging biz.

blogger bestie

Where to find like-minded bloggers


Going to events is not my favorite way to network; in fact, it’s actually my least. But since we’re being honest, I’ve met the majority of my blogger besties from this one event I attended last year that I was invited to via…


Searching Instagram is the easiest and my personal favorite way to find blogger besties. I feel you can really get a sense for who the blogger is by her aesthetic, captions, pictures, Instastory, etc.

You can use location hashtags like #nycblogger or the discovery page in search of your blogger bestie. I personally like to look at what bloggers are commenting on other bloggers’ pictures and engage in a conversation that way.

If I think this is a potential blogger bestie, I’ll follow her/him. Then, when you follow one blogger, Instagram will give you “suggestions” for bloggers with a similar aesthetic and/or following which is another great way to find more besties.

New Apps

It may sound weird but new apps are a cool way to find a blogger bestie, especially if you’re younger or a new blogger. Young bloggers (16-21) are more likely to take a risk on an app than older bloggers.

Houseparty is a great new networking app that allows you to group chat with 8 or so people at one time so it’s like a house party. One of your friends may know another blogger and invite her/him to the “house party” and boom you become best friends.

You can also try It’s a little older but still relatively new and popular amongst 8-18 years olds. If you’re not sure what emerging apps are trending, go to the iTunes store and look in the most popular or new app section.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups, for the most part, have become drowned out with a bunch of self-promotion BUT you can break the noise by asking members for new Instagrams to follow, Snapchats to add, or blogs to read. People will give you honest answers and you should be directed to a few blogger bestie contenders.

Your blogger bestie could be anywhere, you just have to know where to look for him/her. So be proactive, get out there and find someone you’d like to grow with.

Who’s your blogger bestie? Tag her/him in the comments below!


xx Britt

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