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What Fashion Girls Wear When It Rains Cats and Dogs

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


We had two full days of rain in New York last week. Like non-stop.

I honestly don’t mind the cold, the heat, the humidity, but I hate rain. It’s uncomfortable, water seems to get everywhere, and wet clothes just isn’t my cup of tea. We actually went to a Studio one of those day and I was wearing my new favorite pink faux fur jacket (I got a great deal on it during Black Friday) with a pair of flared jeans and Chelsea boots. I loved my look.

But, I had no idea it was raining and had no time to go back and change and wound up soaking wet and cold. My hair had gone wild, my boots were completely ruined (suede + water = disaster), and my mood became gloomy.

The whole incident got me thinking about what fashion girls wear when it rains like that. First, you have to be aware of the fabric and materials – never get faux fur or suede wet (unless the suede has been treated). The first one can develop a smell (which it luckily didn’t), and the second one stains hard (which it did).

when it rainsOf course there’s an ideal uniform, but I don’t want to spend the whole winter puffed.

Then it hit me – I was on to feasible and creative solutions for when it pours. #ootd

#1 Embrace the umbrella as an accessory

Your umbrella has to become part of your outfit. Up until recently, I had a transparent umbrella – it makes a perfect pairing with anything. If you have an old, boring umbrella, play with your outfit. Mix prints or use bold colors. Turn it up!

#2 Trench coats

This is why they exist. Sure, they’re cool and represent the ultimate Brit-girl look, but they are made for situations where the rain leads. And since they are such a timeless piece, you can go all out with the accessories. We’re talking (waterproof) fun shoes, patches in your jeans, and statement anything.

#3 Embrace it

what to wear when it rains

Rain-proof garments are how you deal with it. No opportunity is to be wasted. The thing about fashion is, it’s meant to be playful. There are no faux pas, so you can go all out and be creative. Even if you’re wearing the so-called “ugly trends“, there’s always a way to make it work.

I always think that women with great style are one of the most powerful and intimidating figures because they’re always exuding confidence – even if they were wearing a trash bag! Whether it’s socks and sandals, a huge puffer jacket, or raincoat and rain boots, they just kill it!

What do you wear when it rains?

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X Eduarda

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