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9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish

Written by: Zanita Studio

The anticipation of your reader’s reactions before hitting publish can be very exciting, but before doing so, are you looking at your content with a razor sharp eye?

If not, that might be the missing puzzle to your next level up. Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before hitting publish:

#1 Did I serve a purpose?

Are you sharing for the sake of sharing? If so, think again. We emphasize value-added content so often because too often it’s what modern day bloggers are missing.

questions to ask yourself before hitting publish#2 Does my post align with my brand/vision?

Personal branding is so necessary in today’s over saturated influencer space. That’s not saying there’s no longer a need for them, it just means your message needs to be refined and tailored. What you post should embody everything about you – your images, blog layout, and aesthetic. Does it? (Watch out for Azalle because launching soon is every aspirational blogger’s bible to building a brand.)

#3 Is it easy to understand?

Are you just adding to the hodgepodge of noise out there? Is your blog easy to follow? With the short attention span of today’s generation, the worst thing you can do is make your blog and post a difficult piece to navigate. Someone can easily move on to the next blogger with the blink of an eye. Make sure your post is scannable and easy to read.

#4 Is it personable and relatable?

Most people appeal to emotions. Are you saying something that’s very real, different, and clicks? Remember that the only way to do that is to speak and share info on a very personal level. Plus, it builds trust and loyalty.

#5 Does it encourage dialogue?

The best way to convert newcomers into followers is to say something they can add to… Usually, if something is personal (point #4), it spurs conversation, and that’s exactly what you want to happen. Encourage readers to add their .10 cents!

#6 Is it visually appealing?

Does the writing flow with the images? Is there a relationship? There needs to be if you want to create something compelling and meaningful. Gauge how your post makes you feel…

#7 Have I credited where due?

The biggest sin one can commit is posting something that doesn’t belong to them and NOT credit it. As creatives and content creators, we’re constantly trying to give credit where it’s due. (If we haven’t, shoot us an email and we’ll fix it ASAP!) Even if you’re inspired by someone or something, crediting will usually flatter the creator and revert their followers back to you.

#8 Would I read this?

Put yourself in the shoes of a reader… If you weren’t you, would you care about it? (Be real and honest…) If not, fix it.

#9 How will I feel about this in 10 years?

Don’t post anything that would make you feel embarrassed in the years to come… Doing so can be more self-destructive than you’d think, and that’s a horrendous thing to do to yourself.


Image Source Credits – Belathee Photography


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