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How You Can Make Your Mondays Better

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

One of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is #mondayblues. It begins on a dreaded Sunday evening, which means a brand new week is about to start, and we’re just, bleh… But Whyyy?

For me, that used to always be the case – and sometimes still is. But I’ve come to accept Mondays as my close acquaintance and have done a few things to make it better. If you think about it, this concept can apply to almost anything we do. If you don’t like working out, it’s imperative to find a way to enjoy it – no slackers! If you don’t like shopping, you find better solutions for it. Here’s how you can make your Mondays better:

The night before…

This all comes from my book... If you’re a super organizer, draw out a list of things to do Monday morning.

make your mondays betterThen, prepare your breakfast, like overnight oats or delicious pancake batter. Lay out what you’re wearing the next day to make your mornings faster. Pack your gym bag and have it ready to go. Lay out your snacks for no-fuss mornings.

It’s a matter of being practical and figuring out what you can do Sunday night to make Monday morning easier.

The morning of…

Monday morning authorizes constant jabs at the snooze button. We all want to press it, but science declares it’s no good our bodies. But since you’ve already pressed it, we’ll have to live with it. I always start my morning with my beauty routine – wash my face with cold water, cleanse it, and apply primer and moisturizer. It always makes me feel more fresh.

Then comes breakfast – my favorite meal of the day. Looking forward to it is a great pick-me-up, so I always take my time preparing it whether it’s oatmeal, eggs, or pancakes.

My husband and I also started a new morning routine of walking our puppy. And on Mondays, we do it together. But I understand not everyone has a dog, but a walk with your SO can be nice…

Afterwards, start work with a cup of tea or coffee. The warm taste is like a nice ol’ hug or kick of strength to help you carry on.

In the afternoon…

Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s important to give yourself small incentives. Besides taking a few breaks throughout the day, find small things to get you through.

I like to have a magazine in hand to browse through. It takes my mind off work for a little bit and it’s a great source of inspiration. You can scroll through your Instagram (don’t forget to follow me!) if that relaxes you. Have your favorite snack within arms reach (which for me is a piece of dark chocolate). And if it’s been a bad morning, buy a small gift for yourself.

Of course I don’t encourage you to buy a gift every Monday, but it’s good to know the option’s there!

In the evening…

By the time evening hits, I feel like a truck went over me, but I still try to squeeze in a workout. It’s a gratifying feeling after you’re done – even if it’s just 20 minutes in my living room.

Then, I get prep dinner and shower. I always do a mask on Mondays because taking care of yourself tends to have a positive effect on your mood. I’m currently trying this one.

By dinner time, I force myself to shut down the computer – like, really shut it down – and enjoy a TV show or movie with my husband and puppy. He spends most of the day out, so we make sure to have this time to talk about our day and tune out.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and don’t forget to leave yours in the comments. Do you have any Monday routines? Do share and tell me your #mondayblues as well!

** Bonus tip – Gather for a date night or drinks with your friends. Good company is a great cure for any bluesand it gives you something fun to look forward to!


X Eduarda

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