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How to Finish Your Personal Projects Before It’s Too Late

Written by: Zanita Studio

Life can get pretty tough, complicated, and busy – we go through it every so often.

And even though 2016 is coming to an end, there’s still time to do everything you set out for. At the Studio, we’re often guilty of multitasking and maybe taking on more than we should, but we have a system. And part of that system involves personal projects, hobbies, or goals outside work that we might have. It’s important to never forget to treat yourself and take care of yourself first.

Whether it’s a DIY, learn a skill, lose 3 pounds, there’s still time whether or not it feels like it. Here are some baby steps to get you there:

finish your personal projects#1 Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is our biggest enemy, and unfortunately, there are so many ways to get distracted now. But we’re not giving you anymore excuses to wait. The thing is, you can’t think too much about what needs to be done. You just gotta do it. Only when it’s done, or at least started, take a break and indulge in whatever way works best.

#2 Laser focus

If you have a hard time focusing, remove your distractions or remove yourself from your distractions. That means locking your phone away if you must, closing out your Facebook browser, turning off any notifications set on your electronics, and ignoring those click-bait newsletters. The important thing is to completely focus when it’s time to focus.

#3 No excuses

We tend to find lots of excuses not to do everything except what we’re supposed to be doing – pretty much like procrastinating. We’re bound for excuses when we think something is impossible, too hard, or requires too much time. Throw those excuses aside – as a matter of fact, don’t even question it. If you want a blog, start it, if you want to go to a gym, go.

At this point, there’s nothing to lose, only something to gain. There are no cons to evaluate. Go and do!



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