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5 Books That Will Make You Want to Stay Home

Written by: Zanita Studio

Reading is an important task at the Studio – it’s a great breakaway from technology and reality.

There’s a sense of accomplishment in reading something cover to cover, but aside from that, books serve several purposes. They can be entertaining, become an escape, educational, comical, or inspirational – even all at once. Sometimes, we’re old school and like have a physical book in hand…plus, they make lovely decorative pieces on our shelves.

If you’re having trouble finding great books to read this season, and need a good excuse to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, here are 5 books we’ve been loving.

books that will make you want to stay home

#1 Capture Your Style, by Aimee Song

This year, Aimee Song released her first book, Capture Your Style. In a witty and very simple way, Aimee takes us through the journey of creating the perfect Instagram feed. She talks about her journey and how she conquered the social media world. Her great style is beautifully documented on this one-afternoon-read book. It makes a great coffee table book too.

#2 Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion

If you’re into soft and easy-to-read novels, the Rosie Project is perfect for you. Don is the most rational guy you’ll ever meet, but he finds himself in astray of different and unusual situations. Find out what happens to this not-so-easy to like character in a funny, clever, and very intelligent novel.

#3 Bloom, by Estée Lalonde

Again, supporting our fellow bloggers… Bloom is Estée’s first book and talks about navigating life and style. It’s very well written and goes deep into Estée’s life and her deepest candid conversations. If you follow her on YouTube you know, the whole book screams her name. It’s simple, aesthetically beautiful and exceptionally written.

#4 The Food Lovers Cleanse, by Sara Dickerman

Love food? Can’t stop eating the good stuff? Then The Food Lovers Cleanse is definitely for you. It’s mainly designed to help you cleanse after the holidays. You get four two-week seasonal plans and 140 different recipes. But unlike other books, it helps you recycle leftovers – which can be somewhat annoying and wasteful to have and not use. The pictures are delightful and the whole book is a very easy read.

#5 The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt

This fiction Pulitzer Prize winner is a serious page turner. The Goldfinch starts off with a twist and latches you on to what’s happening next, and next, and next. It’s written from a 13 year-old boy’s perspective and how he lives after his mother dies in an accident. He’s taken in by a rich family, living in Park Avenue, New York.

Any books you recommend for this season? We would love to know!

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