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Written by: Brittany Grace


One of the best ways to get discovered by brands, bloggers, and your target market is to get featured or contribute to other blogs/websites.

This increases your “link juice” thus making you known as a reputable site and increasing your Google ranking. You’re also able to tap into other people’s audiences and establish authentic relationships with readers. And thanks to readers Brenea, Meghan, and Lottie, I’m going to show you how to do all of that today.

be a contributor to popular blogsTag on Instagram

If you want someone to repost your photo or if you want to collaborate with a brand, blogger, or website in some way, tag them on Instagram. In my pictures, I tag at least 10-15 people, blogs, and websites that I want to work with.

Over the course of less than a year, I’ve been featured by 4 major publications, most of them with millions of followers, which have given me hundreds of followers at a time. You can tag CEOs, assistants, current contributors, other employees, etc.

The more creative you get, the more likely you are to be featured.

Once you do this consistently (every single day) for at least a few months, you’ll be noticed and you may get some inquiries from the website you want to contribute to. Being patient will go far.

Email your pitch

Almost every site that takes contributors has an email address where you can pitch your story or idea. You’re not the only one fighting for a feature so you may need to email a few times. I did this and I wouldn’t stop emailing until I got a response. That doesn’t mean I was emailing them every day but once a week maybe.

When you’re picking sites to contribute to, read a few of the site’s articles that relate to your niche. Does the voice match your voice? Does their content match your expertise?

And instead of saying, “Hi, I’d really like to be a contributor because of x, y, z”, you can say “Hi I’d love to be a contributor and wrote this article that I think is a great match to ::publication name::”. You want to keep your email short, sweet, and personal. Not every article you write will be right for every website you apply for. Your pitch and blog post idea has to be very specific to the website/blog you’re trying to write for.

be a contributor

Reach out to current contributors

Reaching out to team members or current contributors is highly underrated. However, you do not want to reach out asking to be a contributor. That comes across needy and selfish. You want to reach out asking for advice and you want to offer this person something in return.

Anytime I want to get involved with a website or blog I offer something in return because I genuinely want to help the person out. I love their brand and everything they stand for so why wouldn’t I give them something for all they’ve done for me?

People also love giving advice. So if you can get advice from an informational interview or get some of your best questions answered (answers you wouldn’t be able to find on Google), then you’re in the beginning stages of creating a working relationship. Who knows, maybe this person will end up being your mentor!

Here’s a fun story: I’ve wanted to write for Who What Wear for the longest time. It’s on my vision board, so after reaching out to 6 Who What Wear editors and getting no response, I was beginning to give up hope. (6 may not seem like a lot but they only have like 8 editors.)

Anyway, I finally found this one editor who had a blog so I emailed her there asking her a few questions about writing and becoming an editor for Who What Wear. Her response blew me away. She not only answered the questions but she gave me a super in depth, 7-8 sentence paragraph for each question.

In fact, she’s the one who said my writing about blogging was something that stood out. And here I am years later writing about blogging! I’ve lost touch with her since, but if you’re reading this Jess, thank you.

It’s amazing what happens when you do things without an ulterior motive. A lot of people have so much self-promotion in mind they forget that the best opportunities come when you’re being completely authentic. Show a little vulnerability,

What do you find challenging about becoming a contributor to other sites? Tell me in the comments and I’ll give you specific advice. 

xx Britt

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