The One Thing All Bloggers Need to Know in 2017

Written by: Brittany Grace

It pains me to say this, but 2017 is approaching quick and that means you need to be ahead of the blogging game.

It’s not enough to just create content and put it online anymore unless you’re already super established. If you’re a truly committed blogger, you know the preparation, research, and strategy that goes into a blog post or any piece of content are real. It’s a lot and the later you start, the harder it’ll be to catch up.

But there is something among us now that could give you a leg up: storytelling.

Storytelling isn’t anything new but it’s definitely something bloggers overlook/may not even know about.

storytelling as a bloggerWhy storytelling is important…

There is no denying people love a good story. With the right verbiage, enthusiasm, and emphasis, you can hold people’s attention for hours. What do you think movies are? They’re stories!

Super successful business people realized this early on and have incorporated it into their sales tactics.

Facts tell, stories sell.

So when it comes to blogging, readers want to feel like they’re going on a journey with you. And through this journey, they relate to you and gain respect for you…if you do it right.

Storytelling goes beyond your blog – your whole brand needs to tell a story. Look at Nike, Redbull, and DVF. Those brands are excellent storytellers.

Nike encourages you to “just do it” while Redbull gives you the courage to metaphorically fly, and DVF represents every woman creating a beautiful life for herself. And because of these stories, the brands pretty much sell themselves.

How to storytell…

Everybody’s story is different, so the way in which you tell your story will be different, but all stories contain the same ingredients. You need a beginning, a climax, a downfall, and then an ending that levels everything out. Don’t think too deep into this because it’s really not as complicated as it seems.

Here’s a funny example of storytelling: my boyfriend has a sugar addiction. So, on Snapchat the other day, I decided to taunt him with cookies. I took my viewers on this hysterical journey of him trying to find the cookies after I hid them. Then just when I was about to give him the cookies, I snatched them away before he could reach them. Then after he showered me with compliments, I finally gave them to him.

This “story” had a beginning, climax, and end. Not only that, but it gave my audience an inside look at my personal life and I was able to get their feedback on whether or not I should give up the cookies.

I’ve seen bloggers storytell during fashion week, vacation, bachelorette parties, etc. It puts a really cool edge on traditional blogging and engages an audience like you wouldn’t believe.

So, even if your writing or photography skills aren’t so strong, you can totally have a successful blog as long as your creativity and storytelling ability are intact.

Where do you storytell the most? Drop us your Instagram, Snapchat, or Blog URL so we can check it out! 


xx Britt

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