How to Make Your Blog Content Shareable

Written by: Brittany Grace

One of the best ways to spread awareness about your blog is through word of mouth.

And word of mouth happens when you create content that other people want to share. When one person shares your content, their followers see it and one of them might do the same and so on and so forth. It’s a domino effect of sharing that enables you to reach thousands, potentially millions, of people.

The trick is getting people to click “share” because they’re not going to share just anything. People only share super hard hitting content that strikes a chord with them, whether it’s funny or serious, it evokes some sort of powerful emotion. So, if you’re looking to make your blog content shareable, read on below!

Make Your Blog Content ShareableEducate, inspire, or entertain

Think about all those Facebook videos that “go viral”. The cute animal videos, the little girl who teaches her parents a lesson, and the motivational speeches. They all have one thing in common: they serve a purpose which is to educate, inspire, or entertain.

When someone stumbles upon a piece of content that strikes a chord with them, they share it! Personally, I share mainly educational things especially from The Dodo. Have you read their articles?! Some are heartbreaking stories of abandoned animals and others have a heart warming ending, but usually I leave having learned something and I want to share that with my Facebook audience.

My mom, on the other hand, shares very inspirational things with me. It’s either an inspirational quote or a beautiful video. And my boyfriend shares things that are entertaining. Every day he tags me in a funny animal video.

Regardless of what makes you tick, one thing is certain in that you’re only going to share something if it does something for your emotions. So, you have to make sure your content brings some sort of value to others. You don’t have to bring value to everyone, but you have to bring value in all your content because if you don’t, no one will share it.

Keep it short

For things to be shared on Facebook especially, it’s important to keep it short. No one is going to sit through a 30-60 minute video unless it features Leo DiCaprio in Before the Flood (who watched this by the way?).

People are just passing through social media so you want to catch their attention quick with whatever content you have. If it’s a quote, keep your quote less than one sentence, if it’s a video keep the video under a minute, if it’s a blog post make sure your title is catchy yet to the point.

You could have the best content in the world but as soon as people see something longer than 2 minutes, you’ve lost them. Even some of the cute dog videos could be shorter instead of dragged out.

how to make your blog content shareable

Don’t follow the traditional standard of telling us what you’re going to tell us, telling us, then telling us what you told us. We just need you to tell us!

Make content you would share

What content do you share? Do you share beauty tutorials? Do you share DIY videos? Do you share motivational speaking? Whatever it is that you’re sharing is an indication of the types of content you’re passionate about and/or producing yourself.

I share a lot of environmental and animal activism stuff because I’m passionate about those things and I believe when you give back, you get back tenfold. I also create videos that (hopefully) get people to go out and take action. So the content I’m sharing gives back and the content I’m creating gives back. Do you see the relationship there?

Now you don’t have to do what anyone else does, in fact I urge you not to. I urge you to create content from your own niche and make it shareable in that sense. If you’re a fashion blogger, there are tons and tons of short little videos you could make that add value to your audience. In fact, I don’t see enough short fashion videos because everyone is so focused on pictures.

Video is king guys!

Like everything else in blogging, creating shareable content is trial and error. You should test out different content and see what has the best results. And remember to be patient because finding the sweet spot in anything takes time.

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What content do you share? Tell us in the comments! 


xx Britt

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