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If the US Election is Just Too Much…

Written by: Zanita Studio


No doubt our fellow Americans are all in angst right now over the results of Tuesday night’s election.

We’re with you – defeated and disheartened – at a loss for words, but we don’t stay down and neither should you. If the US election is still too much for you,

let’s not forget the curative properties of shopping (even if you’re not actually buying)…


Pretty, shiny, sparkly things make us happy… And the season of flashing (and giving) permits more reason to buy. It’s like Christmas ornaments for the body… (P.S. Nordstrom’s having an amazing sale through the weekend – that’s where we pulled most of our crop. Thanks Nordstrom for never letting us down.)

The change of seasons (or just because tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day) is the best reason to buy new shoes… Shoes for walking. Shoes for hiding your legs. Shoes for upcoming festivities. Shoes galore! Take your pick.

…And a few extras in case you need a new flannel, fur coat, dress, or head gear. Better yet, piece all these goods together, and you’re set til Black Friday!


If you still don’t feel better, remember this:

“…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams.”


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