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Heaven On Your Skin

Written by: Zanita Whittington

everlane x zanitazanita x everlane

zanita in everlaneeverlane merino wool



One of my earliest memories as a child was watching my parents in the shearing shed.

In case you missed it, I grew up on a farm in an isolated part of Australia. My grandparents raised merino sheep, and to this day, the smell of lanolin snaps back my memory to the sound of bleating lambs and the buzz of the shears. Of course, Australia can be a pretty hot place, and it wasn’t until I started spending the larger part of my life in northern Europe that I really began to appreciate the product of my family’s labour as a wardrobe staple. Wool.

everlane merino wooleverlane wool basics

Zanita for everlanezanita x everlane



You can probably guess the theme of my latest editorial in collaboration with one of the most exciting brands in the business – Everlane, and their partner, The Woolmark Company, the global authority on merino wool. Here, I aim to share the versatility of these pieces as both a winter and trans-seasonal staple. I actually became most excited about shooting when my Everlane packages arrived in the mail – I am genuinely blown away by the outstanding quality of these pieces and haven’t taken them off since. So soft, luxurious, and cosy – I’ve even worn the cropped pink version out for drinks with heels; it’s so delicate, it’s almost ethereal. 

In case I’ve gotten ahead of myself here and you haven’t heard much about Everlane, welcome to the future! This is a brand who cuts out the middle man, leaving total transparency when it comes to production costs. You know what you’re getting, and that’s incredible, designer fashion quality at a reasonable price. This is the place I recommend you shop to stock up on your heaven-to-wear merino wool basics. Absolutely loved working on this collaboration.

 And before you ask, yes, they just started shipping internationally today for the month of November!

 Look 1: Sweater, Beanie, Scarf – Look 2: Sweater, Loafer – Look 3: Sweater, Shoe – Look 4: Sweater, U-Neck Sweater, Sweatpant – Look 5: Cardigan, Knit Tank, Skirt – Look 6: Sweater, Pant, Shoe –  Look 7 : Sweater, CardiganShoe – Look 8: Sweater Dress

Photography by Ralph Van Vugt

Concept and Editing by Zanita Whittington