How Bloggers Can Storytell Like a Boss in 3 Steps

Written by: Brittany Grace

Every single successful person has told a story.

And from that story they have converted admirers to customers, or they’ve done just the opposite and completely turned people away. Either way, storytelling is what makes you human and less robotic in the digital space – it’s how you relate, engage, and grow your audience. If you’re not sure how, I’m giving you 3 steps to storytell like a boss today…

Tell a story worth telling

Not every story will be a success and not every story is worth sharing. You first have to think about which bloggers you’re attracted to and why. Then you have to really think about the things that are unique to you mixed with what attracts you to someone and how you can portray that in a story. You want to storytell across your brand and also within each day via social media.

If you’re going to work one day and you want to document it, you may want to think twice. Going to work isn’t that groundbreaking unless the work you’re going to do is groundbreaking or your morning commute is really interesting.

storytell like a bossAre you going on vacation? Are you planning a wedding? Are you moving? Are you expecting a baby? A great storyteller takes the events in his/her life and makes them relatable to an audience. These are all things that the general public experiences at some point in their lives, so these are the types of stories worth telling.

Use your story to build a brand

Within the small stories you tell on your social channels day in and day out, there is a bigger picture you’re building with your brand that you should be aware of.

You first have to identify your long-term goals. Do you want to be a clothing designer? Do you want to be a best seller? Do you want to run a service-based business? Once you figure that out you can storytell accordingly.

For people that don’t know about storytelling, they probably have no idea how their brand is portrayed, and that’s ok because at any point you can change your story (I mean that metaphorically and literally).

For people who do know the power of storytelling, that’s great, but is your story on track with where you want your brand to go?

I follow a blogger who dictates herself a “lifestyle” blogger, and she is killin’ it. She storytells every aspect of her life from what she eats, to where her outfits are from, and what her itineraries entail anytime she travels, and she has built an entire brand around it. She has a fitness guide, a book, and now a product line. When she experiences anything, we want to experience it with her. Her whole storytelling tactic is what gets her sales, and lots of them. Any guesses as to who I’m talking about?

Bottom line: Always be mindful of the stories you’re telling because they reflect your blog/brand.

Engage with your customers (readers)

Once you’ve built a brand on storytelling, you’ve gained the trust of your readers, but you have to keep that trust going. To do this, you must engage with your customers (or readers) as often as possible.

Not every move you make has to be strategic. Sometimes it benefits you more to just say “what’s up” to your followers or ask them questions unrelated to your blog or what you’re trying to push at the time. This shows them you’re human and you really care about what’s going on in their lives, not just your own.

What questions/concerns do you have about storytelling? Ask in the comments below!

xx Britt

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