6 Killer Beauty Products that Perform Wonders

Written by: Susan Hang

I have to admit, I love changing out my vanity as much as I love switching up my wardrobe in the fall…

You might call it an excuse to buy and try new things, but let it be because I’m glad I do… I came across so many amazing beauty products that perform wonders these last two months and can’t wait to share them! (And please! Join the discussion – if there’s anything you’ve tried and love, I need to know about it!) Without further ado, here we go…

#1 Le Metier de Beaute Daily Refresh Tonic

If you only make one skincare update this season, you need this Daily Refresh Tonic! I won’t deny, I wasn’t completely convinced at first glance and with the subpar reviews on the web… But I beg to differ – I love this toner! I take 3 squirts onto a cotton pad and then gently wipe my face with it – instantly, I get a burst of stimulation I NEVER get with just a toner. I can feel the product working and invigorating every single pore on my face – I’m not even exaggerating. Even on days I’m not wearing makeup, this product manages to get more dirt off my face… I just don’t get it. This product was my first ever encounter with LMBD, but to say I’m obsessed is an understatement.

zoeva eyeshadow

#2 Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes

Blame it on aging, but I’m just not as into eyeshadows as I used to be… Urban Decay and Mac – yeah they’re basically the fairy godmothers of eyeshadows, and yeah, they’re deathly beautiful and all, but even I can’t get myself to jump for joy over eyeshadow… If you’ve fallen into the same attitude, try Zoeva. They’re not easily accessible in the U.S., but I swear, these palettes will revitalize your love for smokey eyes again. I now have the Cocoa Blend, Blanc Fusion, and Caramel Melange palettes. The shadows are soft, blendable, and pigmented, and best of all, affordable! Something about the warmth of every single color gets me excited every time.

#3 Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I stumbled upon a sample of this whilst on a business trip to NYC when my skin was exhausted from travel, and it made such a dramatic difference, I snatched up the full size immediately. If you have issues with breakouts, skin texture, and pore size, you’re going to love it! Despite the exfoliating properties, it’s gentle enough to be used daily and in combination with just about any other skincare product.

beauty products that perform wonders

#4 Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Pads

These pads contain 20% glycolic acid, which was appealing… I’m getting old and I can use faster cell turnover as well as moisturizing contents… I’ve enjoyed using these and do notice an immediate glowing effect. And in case you’re wondering, glycolic acid is an AHA, which helps more with aging skin, whereas BHAs help with acne and oil control. Both are exfoliators – I sometimes use these exfoliating pads in combo with the BHA liquid above, but I don’t recommend you do the same if you’re new to these ingredients.

#5 Ilia Lipsticks

These are the lipsticks for girls that either have dry lips or don’t like to wear lipstick. The color payoff can be soft or heavy, depending on what you like, and its texture is so creamy and moisturizing , you won’t even realize you’re wearing anything on your lips. Best of all, they’re all natural and organic, which means we’re safe to eat them right off our lips (kidding). On a serious note, I haven’t found many all-natural brands I swear by, but Ilia’s winning my heart one product at a time. Stay tuned – more on this.

beauty products that perform wonders - le metier de beautebeauty products that perform wonders - ilia lipstick

#6 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse‎ Dry Oil

This oil is amazing because it absorbs quickly – even faster than my beloved Caudalie Divine Oil. It also smells heavenly and makes the skin look soft and glowy. I love using this straight out the shower. It is a multipurpose oil, so put it in your hair or on your face – one drop added to your foundation does wonders for your complexion! Nuxe is also another one of those brands I’m quickly drifting towards… the Reve de Miel lip balm is GOLD. (Side note, Nuxe USA will be running 30% off all orders Friday, November 25 through Sunday, December 4.)

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