All-Natural Beauty Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Written by: Susan Hang

There’s been massive shift towards natural and organic beauty to no surprise – we all want to be healthier!

Just a few years ago, the organic beauty industry was still relatively new, and I believe for that reason, there weren’t many effective products you could find on the market. I know I’ve been overly scrupulous of anything labeled “organic” or “all natural” especially in this abyss because almost of my purchases have failed me… Fast forward to 2016 and I’m shamelessly plucking them up here & there. You all have heard me rave Dr. Hauschka one too many times now, so I wanted to share some newer all-natural beauty products you might want to try. I think everyone can and should swap out a few chemical-based staples for all-natural ones. Start here:

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Michael Todd Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System

I’d be willing to bet you already own a Clarisonic, but have you tried Michael Todd’s sonic skin cleanser? I used the Clarisonic Aria for over 3 years now, and have become a fan of this type of cleansing method. You definitely get a cleaner feel compared to your hands alone. However, even with the sensitive brush head on the Clarisonic, I often felt like it was too abrasive for my dry, sensitive skin. It became a part of my regimen only twice a week or on nights I wore a full face of makeup. Then, I was introduced to the Lush Cashmere Brush from Michael Todd, I remained incredulous until I felt it – wow! It’s like clouds against the skin – ever so soft, gentle, and most importantly, effective. In hand, this tool is very comparable to the Clarisonic. Its speed can be adjusted up or down – the microvibration movments feels as though you’re being massaged versus “scrubbed”. The best part about the Michael Todd brushes is the antibacterial technology. Certified Aesthetician, Erika Parker, advises using antimicrobial protected brush heads to guard the skin against bacteria that can grow on the bristles between use. I absolutely love the Lush Cashmere brush, and my skin will too as temps spiral down.

Michael Todd Damascus Rose Milk Cleanser

Milk or cream cleansers are great in the winter time because they help the skin retain its natural moisture. I’ve been using the Damascus Rose Milk Cleanser, and it’s been wonderful for my now sensitive skin. The cleanser keeps my face soft, supple, and plump yet aids in removing makeup. The only downside is the texture is quite thin so it comes out the bottle quick – if you’re not careful, you might end up with more product than you need. Overall, it’s a great alternative to oil-based cleansers.

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100% Pure Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Night Cream

A night cream that contains both Vitamin A & Vitamin C & is all natural? Count me in! I’ve used 100% Pure products before, which have been disappointments. But then, my sister-in-law convinced me to try this night cream, which put me in a 180° – it’s unbelievably AMAZING – like too-good-to-be-true kind of good. It’s all-nourishing and the only product keeping my skin moisturized all day right now. Upon application, I can feel my skin soaking up the pure goodness, and I see a huge difference by the next morning. Plus, it smells amazing. So, if you’ve been looking for a night cream, this is 1st place winner!

Ilia Vivid Foundation

The Ilia foundation is interesting because it feels like a moisturizer and exudes the benefits of a moisturizer, but wears like a foundation. It’s got a whipped texture (which I typically don’t like) that melts away when applied and offers the right amount of coverage; you’ll get medium coverage that doesn’t cake up at all. It’s great if you’ve got dry skin and far exceeded my expectations. The packaging appeals to modern minimalists and makes a great addition to my vanity, but you know – that’s just extra…

Have any organic beauty products you’d recommend? Do share!

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