3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Right Now

Written by: Brittany Grace

Growth, especially when it comes to blogging, is a slow painful process.

Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you’re the same. Either way, as long as you’re growing a little bit, it’s progress, and you should be very proud of yourself because it’s not easy.

Even though blogs/businesses take time and are hard to grow, that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and wait for the progress to happen. If you truly want to grow your blog, you need to be taking the steps in that direction every single day even if the results aren’t immediately noticeable.

Blogging is a marathon not a sprint.

ways to grow your blogThat’s why I’m sharing 3 ways to grow your blog, not tomorrow, not next year, but right now!

Contribute to a popular blog/website regularly

Once you establish a relationship with one popular blog or website, you’re in. A bunch of smaller guest posts are great, but all it takes is one really big one to help grow your blog. The key is to contribute consistently. Stick to the same theme, the same style of writing, and sign off in the same way, and you’ll start to build a brand and loyal following.

This is by far the greatest way to get noticed and increase your traffic, followers, etc. because you’re able to tap into an already established loyal readership/following.

It’s a huge mistake when I see contributors at Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur only have a Twitter or LinkedIn. Why would you only have a Twitter? Where’s your blog? You have the potential to reach millions of people a day and grow your personal brand and you only have a Twitter?! It blows my mind but it’s a real thing, which is why more bloggers are known than freelance writers even though we’re basically doing the same thing (creating content).

Bottom line: Find a trusted, popular website to contribute to and make sure there’s a link back to your blog.

Get featured after a collab

No matter what type of collaboration you do, brand-blogger or blogger-blogger, make sure you get a feature in some way shape or form especially if it’s not a paid collaboration.

A free product is great, but a free product isn’t going to grow your blog. If a brand wants free advertising, so do you. And you have every right to ask for it.

When you collaborate with another blogger, this person is usually understanding of what it’s like to run a side hustle, so she’ll likely return the favor and have you featured on her blog as well. At the very least, bloggers will share the feature on your site on their social media. Even a little exposure is good exposure so be sure to be grateful for every ounce you get.

Have people share your content

Yes, you want brands and bloggers to share your content after a collaboration, but you also want your readers and followers to share your content. In fact, it might even be more important for your readers to share your stuff than a brand.

This will help grow your blog as a whole, and it will set you up to turn your blog into a business because you’ll be able to gauge what your followers like, what they want, and what they’re talking about. All of those things need to be considered when trying to profit from your blog.

Once your content is shared by loyal readers, it has the potential to go viral. And if your content goes viral, well, that’s pretty much every blogger’s dream come true.

Side note: Shareable content is such an underrated and hot topic that I could go all on day so if you want to know more about what makes something shareable, comment below and tell me!

What do you want to know more about? Anything in the blogging realm, you name it, I’ll write it. Comment below!

xx Britt

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