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Top 5 Trends Seen All Over Fashion Month

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

Even though fashion month is over, and we’ve ranted on and on and on about street style throughout every major fashion city, a few issues surfaced…

We saw certain patterns, consistency, and trends repeatedly.

Supposedly, street style is the place to scout the latest trends, but that Vogue controversy may have left some of you puzzled. Well we’re still wagering on street style for some good fashion inspo, so here are the top 5 trends we picked up on… They’re definitely going to be seen everywhere next season and beyond.

#1 Lady in red


That’s right. Red was seen in every single street style compilation. No turning back now! This color is definitely the hottest of the season, and we are loving it either full-on or as a pop.

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#2 Patent Leather


New York, Paris, Milan, and London were bursting with patent leather. This latex-like fabric is on its way to every hip and shoulder, making entire outfits look rad.

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#3 All the little details


We are talking shirts, tops, or knits – all the it-girls were sporting either bell sleeves, bow details, flounce shoulders, or embroidery. There’s a solution for all our problems and it’s definitely in the details…

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#4 Spirit animal


I personally love this trend. Around 5 years ago, I had a closet full of leopard-print tops, shoes and even pants – I was animal possessed! Now it’s back in full swing, classy as ever, and always completing the look.

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#5 All about that waist

top 5 trends fashion month

Another thing we saw on everyone was an accentuated waist. Whether with scarfs, corsets, or belts (my favorite), these woman were definitely making it all about the mid-section.

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Did you spot any worthy fashion month trends? I’d love to know!

X Eduarda

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