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The Leg Workout You Can Do in Your Bedroom

Written by: Monica Bestek

Sometimes, gym time just isn’t going to happen. You may only have 30 min… You may be in a completely different city… Or it may be one of those days you have zero inspiration… So this is why I’m here – head over to my Instagram (@monicabestek) for daily workouts and motivation. And don’t forget to keep checking back here for even more fun and effective workouts!

This leg workout is great for your bedroom, lounge room, hotel room, or even the gym. You can throw in a few arm or ab exercises if you want to spice it up and do more!

Lazy days are inescapable – I have them all the time, and the only way to improve the mood is to get active! Everyone feels better after a bit of SWEATING!  This little leg workout is inspired by the ZUU training system. A few months ago, I tried ZUU in my hometown gym and couldn’t resist the urge for another class last week. I  felt inspired to use some of these exercises in my home routine.

So…what is ZUU you ask?
ZUU was Designed by Nathan Helberg, Aussie fitness guru and human movement expert. ZUU is high-intensity interval training using primal moves like push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge, and locomotion.

Do these 3 exercises 5 times!

Frog Squats x30
leg workout - frog squats

The frog squat is a great way to open up your hips and lengthen your quads. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Stick your elbows inside your knees and drop down into a deep squat. Keeping your arms in the same position, stand up as high as you can (bum in the air) then return back down into the squat position. Repeat.

Walking Squats/Russians

leg workout - zanita studio

Sit down into a 90 degrees squat and hold your hands out in front of you. Hold the position. Walk ~5 steps forward and then backwards. Repeat.

Joeys x30


Sit into a low squat position. Then, using a small explosive movement, jump your feet slightly off the ground. Return softly to the floor and rebound into another jump immediately.

I hope you enjoyed the workout and let me know what other types of workouts you would like to see by commenting below 🙂



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