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Morning Workout Session with Mon

Written by: Monica Bestek


Morning Friends,

Here’s something a little different for you… I usually post workouts on Zanita Studio using animations, but today I’m vlogging! I want you guys to get to know me beyond an animated jumping person on the front-end of your screen ?

So, let’s go on a morning workout session and watch what I have for breakfast. Don’t count this my everyday routine because I take each day on differently – sometimes I’ll go the gym early in the morning or out for breakfast. Other times, I’ll do a home workout and have some bacon ? It’s not pre-planned, and you just never know…

I’ve documented today’s morning workout routine and shared the quick smoothie recipe I whipped up! Do you prefer GIFs or Vlogs?! I’d love to hear! And if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, thanks!


My Workout

30 Double Rope Slams

Hold a rope in each hand. Slightly bend your knees, keep your back straight, raise the rope out in front of you, and slam it down into the ground.

30 Bench Toe Taps

Stand in front of a bench or box. Lift your left leg by driving your knee up and tapping your toe on the bench. Then swap your legs mid-air and tap your right toes on the bench.

30  Mountain Climbers

Start in a pushup position by placing your hands directly under your chest and shoulder-width apart with your arms straight. Lift your right foot off the floor and raise your knee to your chest. Alternate the movement with your left leg, keeping your hips in the same position throughout.

20 Russian Twists

Using a 6kg/9kg Medicine Ball, sit on the ground next to your weight with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grab the weight with both hands and lean back slightly until you feel your abs engage, and take your feet off the ground. This is your starting position. Now lift the weight in a smooth arc from one side of your body to the other, touching the ground slightly at the end of each rep.


10 cal on the Assault Bike

20 Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly turned out. Keep your back straight as you bend your legs into a ‘seated’ position while sticking your bum out. Squeeze your bum as you stand back up. Repeat.


Now for the Smoothie Bowl Recipe

morning workout and breakfastIngredients

1 Banana
Frozen Mango
Frozen Berries
1 Kiwi Fruit
Handful of Spinach
1 Cup Almond/Coconut Milk

Top with

Sunflower Seeds
Chia Seeds
Almond Butter

Blend all the smoothie ingredients together in a blender. Pour into a bowl and top with seeds and nuts!

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