What You Should Never Do on Instagram

Written by: Brittany Grace

As I was engaging with the Instagram community recently, one of my blogger friends posted an unfortunate caption about her son who had relapsed with cancer. It was pretty terrifying to say the least. Her caption not only made me feel a stronger connection to her as a blogger, but it was very eye opening because you don’t know what you don’t know about the people you follow.

At a glimpse, it seemed she had everything going on – great style, beautiful family, and nice things. But underneath the curation is turmoil. And no one knew until she told us.

As bloggers, we sometimes get so caught up in “keeping up with the joneses” that we forget to remember we’re real humans with real issues and imperfections. And honestly, when bloggers show that side of their lives, it has a way greater effect than the”beach vibes” captions ever will.

So after I saw the post, I was inspired and decided to read other people’s (who were mainly bloggers) comments. I was shocked, furious, and embarrassed when I saw at least 3 out of 7 comments saying “love it” or “cute dress babe”.

I was so flabbergasted it got me thinking about what you should never do on Instagram…

what you should never do on Instagram#1 Not read the caption!

Not reading a person’s caption is the biggest mistake you can make on Instagram.

And I mean it. It shows you’re lazy and inauthentic, none of which are qualities people are attracted to. Reading the caption gives you a chance to make a meaningful connection with the person, shows you care, and makes you stand out in a crowd.

Taking an extra 60 seconds out of your day to read an Instagram caption could open up a lot of opportunities for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve authentically engaged with bloggers from big to small and gained followers, loyal readers, and tight-knit virtual relationships.

The bloggers who see you genuinely engaging on a regular basis are the ones who are likely to engage back and lend a hand if you need it. Again, I’ve landed interviews, features, and had some of my most dire questions answered because I took the time to read the caption.

#2 Like all bloggers pictures  

When you like someone’s picture, it makes them feel good…if in fact you truly like it. Liking every single blogger’s picture in hopes they’ll like yours back or follow you is crap. It’s not real!

things to never do on instagramI used to get so excited when I saw a blogger I admired liking my pictures – until I realized why they were doing it. That’s not to say all bloggers do this and some may genuinely like your pictures but for the most part Instagram is a game.

Just because someone likes your picture doesn’t mean you have to like theirs back and vice versa. Please don’t like someone’s Instagram picture if you don’t really like it. I stopped liking people’s pictures for that reason, now I’m very particular with whose pictures I like, so if I like your picture it’s a good sign!

#3 Comment randomly

Commenting randomly goes right along with not reading the caption. I had one brand continue to comment the same exact thing on almost all of my pictures  – “Cool look, check us out if you want!”. I eventually had to privately message this brand, and it hasn’t been a problem since.

I’ve heard there are apps and companies out there who can actually have your Instagram automate comments on other people’s pictures? (Is this true? Please let me know!) If so, that’s crazy and completely takes away from what Instagram is supposed to be used for.

If you’re going to comment on someone’s Instagram, say something that pertains to the actual picture instead of “So cute babe!”. What’s “so cute” about the outfit? We want to know! The more specific the better in my opinion.

Let’s talk. What gets your attention on Instagram? Tell us below!


xx Britt

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