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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life this Season

Written by: Zanita Studio


Seasonal transitions, especially from summer to fall, can have us feeling one of two ways: 1. anxious and excited, or 2. flat out meh.

Today, we’re focusing on the meh because we want all of you to improve your life this season. (For those on the anxious side, keep this in your back pocket, or in your bookmarks, for when life gets you down.) Without further ado…

#1 Write down your goals & dreams

How easy is it to forget?! With the blink of an eye, you can instantly lose sight of why you ever did anything in the first place. That’s why we urge you to keep records of your life plans, and then refer back to them in times of anguish. This is all confidential – no one sees what you’re writing about unless you show them, so don’t hold back. Your fears and insecurities – let them all out and use it as perspective to pull yourself together.

improve you life now#2 Talk to passionate people about those goals & dreams

Sometimes, telling yourself isn’t enough. Share your life plans with people as passionate as you are and see what kind of insight they have to offer you. That ‘someone else’ might just be the perspective you need right now.

#3 Organize your life

Now get your shit together. If it’s your finances holding you back, keep a financial journal and check your bank account every day. If it’s not having enough time in a day, get more sleep and wake up earlier. If it’s poor eating habits dragging you down, make healthier choices at the grocery store.

#4 Do something creative

There’s meditative benefits in creative endeavors even if you’re not a creative type. It engages a different part of your brain and forces you to look at life in a new way.

#5 Read beautiful things

Actions speak louder than words, but don’t discount the power of words – that’s why there are writers! There’s a mysterious power in words when put together perfectly. Read this to find out how influential words can be and how much more uplifted you can feel!

#6 Give up the desire to win

Fighting to be right all the time does no good. No one wants to be wrong, but quarreling to make someone look like a fool isn’t going to make anything better. In the end, you might be right, but does it make you happy? No. So wouldn’t it be better to end things on an amicable note?

#7 Start a skincare routine and execute intently

Take care of yourself. The years put so much stress and tension on our bodies and our skin – it’s all written in your face. Take the time to properly cleanse, look at yourself in the mirror, and reflect slowly on your life (the past week and the day) as you work power-packed products into your skin.

#8 Don’t jump to conclusions

improve your life
You are not a mind reader. Jumping to conclusions only result in poor listening and irrational behavior based on misconceptions, which ultimately lead to anger and/or regret.

#9 Focus on right now

You can’t move forward without taking care of what’s on the plate in front of you first. No matter what kind of obstacles or difficulties you might be facing, remember that life is more manageable when you are living in the present.

#10 Write your own story

Decide what you want to accomplish – the kind of life you want to live and the vibe you want to exude. Then, write that story and live it. Fill those pages with the detours and actions YOU want to take because after all, you’re the author of your own story.
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