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Super Vegan Green Smoothie for the Earthling

Written by: Monica Bestek


I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m a little addicted to making smoothies…

I also love going to the local markets – those two things combined beg for a vegan green smoothie!

So last weekend, I tried new one at the farmer’s market and it was so friggin’ good, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I decided to make my own version and was instantly addicted. This smoothie is deluged with major green goodness and packed with energy. And if you didn’t know, your mama was right – it’s super important to get those greens in. I recommend sourcing fresh ingredients from your local farmer’s markets because organic tastes so much better and wholesome!

Lucky for you, I’m sharing my new favourite vegan green smoothie recipe today:

the best vegan green smoothie


1 Cup Almond and Coconut Milk
Handful of Mint

Handful of Spinach
1 Banana
1tsp Nut Butter
1tsp Maca
3 Medjool dates
1tbsp Pepitas


1tsp Cocoa nibs


Place all ingredients into a blender and BLEND. Then top with cocoa and extra mint leaves!

Enjoy, have an awesome weekend and try to get down to your local farmers markets!



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