Written by: Zanita Whittington

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve googled the phrase ‘best moisturiser in the world’.

Zanita_1_451Perhaps the quest is eternal, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Great skin is at the frontline of beauty and mine hasn’t always been so clear. It was probably at its worst when I was in my late teens – a time when I suffered from both acne and the occasional tanning consequences. Since then, I’ve run the gamut of skin care and found plenty that work and even more that don’t.

I was honoured when La Mer approached me to work with them, not only because I’ve been using the hallowed Crème De La Mer and my skin has never been better – but because I knew I could stand behind their product with conviction. While being luxuriously rich and feeling like a dream on the skin, the current change in season and the NYC humidity unfortunately meant that I’m in need of something lighter.

Enter, the new La Mer The Moisturising Soft LotionThis product has more of a fluid consistency that melts into skin like satin. What makes La Mer stand apart from every other moisturising product out there is the secret ingredient – Miracle Broth (TM). It was invented by an aerospace physicist who suffering horrific chemical burns from an exploded experiment. He couldn’t get the medical help he needed to fix it, so he embarked on an obsessive quest to find a way to heal and regenerate his skin. By applying his knowledge of light and sound energy to ferment ingredients like sea kelp, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, he basically struck a formula that’s now credited for fabulous, radiant skin with an enhanced ability to repair itself. Sounds like the plot line for a superhero movie, no? And his name is Dr. Max Huber – that’s the name of a leading man if I’ve ever heard one!

Jokes aside, the effects of this moisturiser remind me of what my skin is like when I drink a lot more water and exercise more frequently.  Is that cheating? Who cares. I look awesome 😉

I recognise it’s quite the luxury to use La Mer, and it’s not past me. As someone who finds an inordinate number of camera lenses in my face on the reg and works in an industry with a particularly high standard when it comes to physical appearance, La Mer is my very worthwhile investment… Also more so recently because I have started to notice subtle signs of aging… Disaster! I’m the first to recognise that prevention is better than the cure and I don’t wanna to start slicing into my face as I grown older. I’m glad I’m found La Mer to take care of my skin. It’s kind of a relief!


I worked with talented photographer Martin Petersson in Stockholm to create this editorial to highlight my love of La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Lotion – perfect for light-filled summer days, no makeup necessary.

…ok just a little bit of mascara.

I hope you like this story – I really feel like it captures the effortless quality of La Mer and the absolute magic it works on skin. Thanks so much to La Mer for inviting me to share this with you.


photography, Martin Petersson

concept and styling (and model!), Zanita Whittington

brought to you by La Mer Australia