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Girls We’re Watching: The DIY Blog Keeping Us Inspired

Written by: Zanita Studio

Purely reading blogs about one genre can become quite mundane if you read them religiously like we do.

That’s why we love poring over A Pair & A Spare, a website dedicated to DIYing, traveling, and creative souls. We’re not just saying it because Geneva’s from down under – simply head to her blog to understand what we mean. We won’t need to say much because authenticity, passion, and quality consummates the whole thing.

Aside from Geneva’s chic, but practical fashion sense and spectacular photography, she gives some kick-ass tutorials on making shit yourself. We love her on-trend word-embroidered denim, off-the-shoulder dress, and this uber popular double-buckle western belt that’s been cemented all over Instagram! You can make all these awesome things from the nook of your home – and we’ve only named a minuscule from her tome.

So if your eyes have been stripped of raw creation or you’re in need of a new crafty project, head on over…she won’t let you down!

diy blog - plant coverdiy blog - pink ruffle skirt
diy blog - hanging shelfdiy blog - making pillows

A Pair & A Spare is nominated for the 2016 Best DIY Blog Award from Bloglovin. The ceremony takes place in NYC. It’s pretty much the ‘Oscars of Blogging’ and a great honor to have. Geneva Vanderzeil - A Pair & A Spare DIY BlogShe’s up against some impressive DIYers, but we believe she deserves the vote! If you’ve been inspired by Geneva or have taken on her projects, please support her by voting HERE! Hurry because there’s only a few days left!

All images from A Pair & A Spare 


Side note: Azalle has been nominated too and we’d be thrilled if you voted! Why you ask? Well, because it’s amazing – and Round 2 is coming REALLY soon (soonish)…


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