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Girls We’re Watching: Beauty Blogger on the Rise

Written by: Zanita Studio


It’s not exactly clear which is more saturated – beauty blogging or fashion blogging

But we know with certainty that both are equally competitive, flooding with talented individuals battling their way to the top… Every once in a while, you come across someone with five-star quality content that draws you in and keeps you there, and for us, that beauty blogger on the rise is Tamira Jarrel!

In a world of Instagram eyebrows and Kim-K (c)nontouring, it’s hard to stand out without getting sucked into the noise and hype, but Tamira is proof you don’t have to! She made a hard mark by bringing a minimalistic flair (and carefully pared back style) to the world of beauty blogging. In just a few short months, Tamira caught the eyes of Allure, Bloglovin, and brands we love like Dr. Jart+, Glossier, and Hourglass. Jen Atkin is also a fan and at just one glance, it’s hard not to be!

Check out these beautiful shots:

carven - tamira jarrelouai shampoo and conditioner
lash food lash lift treatmentsantal 33

Tamira Jarrel is nominated for the 2016 Best Beauty Blog Award from Bloglovin. The ceremony takes place in NYC. It’s pretty much the ‘Oscars of Blogging’ and a great honor to have. She’s up against some OG beauty mavericks (i.e. Michelle Phan, Tanya Burr…), but we believe her vote is highly deserved! If you’re a fan of Tamira’s minimal, but realistic approach to beauty, vote HERE!


Side note: Azalle has been nominated too and we’d be thrilled if you voted! Why you ask? Well, because it’s amazing – and Round 2 is coming REALLY soon (soonish)…


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All images from Tamira Jarrel

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