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BIGGEST MISTAKES New Bloggers Make When Starting Out

Written by: Zanita Studio

How often do you come across someone who tells you they want to blog for a living?

Yet many don’t even have the fundamentals down packed. We’re not saying you need to be perfect from inception, but you should be aware of the most basic requirements.

With a pro at the helm, we can certainly share the biggest mistakes new bloggers make when starting out (and offer up some solutions)…

mistakes new bloggers make– Attempting to copy another blogger’s path.

The Internet can be a dangerous place for inspiration. Many newcomers today enter the playing field in hopes of becoming the next Blonde Salad, Zanita, or Bryan Boy. Good luck guys… The rules of engagement have changed drastically since those days, and you’re going to need more than a pretty face to hit the jackpot. There are already too many pretty faces, killer photographers, and candid vloggers on the scene. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t have your piece of the pie, you’d better come an original!

Solution: Find your voice early on. This is usually a process that can take years to refine, so the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be. Blogging is highly experimental and we encourage all of you to test the waters until you nail that voice!

– Oversharing.

Honestly, no one cares what you’re doing at every hour. Want the world to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How you dressed to the gym? And what you’re wearing to bed? No thank you. It’s all about curation these days…

Solution: Be selective about the image you want to communicate. Only share the snaps that are a representation of what you want you want people to know and feel about you. Keep the boring stuff away from the screen.

– Inconsistency.

If you’re only posting on a weekly basis, you’re pretty much setting yourself up to be irrelevant. Some bloggers can get away with this, but that’s because they’ve already established themselves as pro content creators and someone we cannot get enough of!

Solution: Create an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar helps you formulate a pool of ideas before you get bogged down in the trenches. It also keeps you organized so you know and see how frequently you’re posting.

– Poor aesthetics.

Traditional blogger themes won’t work anymore, and in this case, first impressions mean everything. If you can’t draw someone in from the minute they land on your blog, you’ve already severely damaged your reputation. Several neophytes are stepping it up these days and you should too!

Solution: Purchase a theme for cheap. Websites like Pipdig and Blog Milk make it very convenient and affordable to achieve beautiful blog themes. We suggest forking out the $50 if you’re serious about blogging!mistakes new bloggers make - no personality

– Zero personality.

Personality means everything in social media! If you can’t show who you are, what you’re like, and why someone should be interested in you through your visuals or your writing, blogging is going to be a difficult path to endure. There’s an infinite amount fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers – what makes YOU unique?!

Solution: Refine your story and strategize on how to communicate it. You want to make people comfortable with you, so whether that’s cracking a few jokes, telling inspiring anecdotes, or teaching a lesson, find out what fits your mold and display it!

– Self-absorbed.

Many new bloggers think “their audience” cares about them on a personal level – their interests and their stories – and this might be harsh to say, but they don’t. Not until they’re comfortable with you.

Solution: Value Value Value. Are you tired of hearing us stress this? Everyone wants to gain something and looking at your blog or social accounts is a time investment (no matter how big or small) – what are you giving them in return for that investment? Is it entertainment? Inspiration? Motivation?


Image Source Credits – Refinery 29, Lust for Life


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