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Best Fall Lipsticks And Their Matching Outfits

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


Fall is my favorite season.

Don’t get me wrong… I love the cool breeze and bright sunshine kin to Spring and Summer days. (I also love the beach!) But there’s something about the fall season that makes everything feel so much more special. Maybe because it suggests the nearing of the best holidays or perhaps it’s the pumpkin spice… Whatever it is, I’m an #enjoythelittlethings kind of babe, so it’s only natural that I notice every detail fall brings forth and that includes the slightest details in any outfit. From the smallest piece of jewelry to a discreet hair clip, and even lipstick, it all makes a difference. I’ve only started using lipstick in the past year, but it’s made such an impact in my outfits.

I decided to show you fall’s best lipsticks and their matching outfits – yup, we’re matching our ensembles to our lips now… A little inspiration never hurts when the seasons change…

#1 Florals get me every time.

Florals for fall? Count me in! I love a pair of statement pants that tell it all. Especially paired with a casual shirt and cool block heels. Tom Ford is one of my favorite lipstick brands and the array of colors it carries is unbelievable.

#2 Retro is the new fall.

Even though fall in New York City might not be as warm as you’d think, we squeeze in every bit we can. I know Zanita loves these retro prints and I, personally, have grown to adore them. They’re so chic and fun.

#3 Girly dresses are my jam.

And I just think they look da bomb when worn with a pair of casual sneakers. While we are totally embracing the 90s trend of dress over t-shirts, this overall outfit ends up looking very preppy and feminine.

Do you have any favorite lipsticks for the season? My go-tos are definitely burgundies, reds and pinks. Can’t live without them!


X Eduarda

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