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An Illustrated Guide To Fashion Week

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Fashion week attendees toe the line between fabulous and ridiculous, and it’s rising to meet that line that makes the whole thing so damn fascinating.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more fashion rules broken badly with successful aplomb – this is a course that definitely reigns on the streets during fashion week.

I want to be the first to admit, I have NOT always made the best style choices during fashion month…

IMG_4605Case in point, that HEINOUS pair of orange legs on the right is my own, and yes, I chose to wear both clogs, a hooded cape, AND a wide brim hat *squirms* – NOT my finest fashion lewk! I resembled the lovechild of ____ – I can’t even say (you tell me!)!

In my defense, this was the very first fashion week I had the pleasure of being invited wayyy back in 2011.

No regrets! We grow better through learning from our mistakes.

So in the spirit of all that’s risky and fabulous, I wanted to share this illustrated guide to fashion week (done by illustrator Julie Houts and Stylebop) with you. SO fun! And pretty darn accurate. 😉

Illustrated-Guide-to-fashion-week Illustrated-Guide-to-fashion-week-model-off-duty Illustrated-Guide-to-fashion-week-modek-off-duty Illustrated-Guide-to-fashion-week-modek-off-duty-editor-style illustrated guide to fashion week Illustrated-Guide-to-fashion-week-sneak-into-shows Illustration-get-into-parties-Guide-to-fashion-week-modek-off-duty

Yas yas yas!!! We love fersshunn!!! Let the fabulous chaos begin. 





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