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4 Ways Introverts Can Make Small Talk With Confidence

Written by: Zanita Studio


The funny thing about bloggers is that, although blogging is social by nature, the majority of them are introverts, like most creatives.

And that means walking into a crowd of people often feel difficult to navigate, which results in not talking much (or at all) and being a wallflower (or sticking to those you know/feel comfortable with). You might already know how difficult it can be to make it if you upkeep this type of behavior. And that’s why we’re showing you four ways introverts (like ourselves) can make small talk with confidence!

#1 Lay off the phone.

It’s easy to fall into the comfort of your phone when you’re drowning in a mysterious crowd, but that’s one major way to shut everyone down who might be interested in networking with you. Your body language when engaged on your phone tells others you’re not interested in socializing. Sure, take a few minutes on Instagram or Snapchat, but the whole time? Don’t be silly.

make small talk meaningful#2 Approach those outside the crowd.

Approaching large groups of people who already know each other can be super intimidating, and that’s why we vouch for talking to those on the sidelines. Scout out the person standing alone and strike up a personal conversation with them instead. You’ll feel much more confident this way!

#3 Be genuinely interested.

If you want to make small talk meaningful with someone, you need to be genuine about it, and you can do this by being truly interested. How exactly do you show someone interest?

Ask about them.

How likely are you to listen to someone blabbing away about themselves and their personal accomplishments without your initiation? No one cares, but everyone sure cares about themselves. That means you should encourage the other person to talk about him/herself; it’ll make the individual feel significant and that in turn makes them more likely to talk to you (and like you).

Talk Less, listen more.

Find ways to propel the conversation forward as the other person is talking and you’ll find that they can go on forever. You can do this by really listening to what they’re saying, taking cues from their body language, and then responding to it. You’ll be compelled to jump in with your own story, but stop, and let the other person press on. If they express interest in a certain subject, tell them expand on it!

Ask thought-provoking questions.

Questions that start with “What” don’t really push further dialogue, but when you start asking “How” and “Why”, the entire vibe of the conversation changes. Thought-provoking questions can also involve asking for suggestions or advice – people always love sharing their opinions! It’s almost like an interview.

#4 Keep in touch.

Find ways to keep the conversation going after the event. Exchange business cards or follow one another on social media… You’ll never know what you can do for someone, what someone can do for you, or who they know that makes all the difference in the world!


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