3 Tricks to Creating Killer Content When You Have “No Time”

Written by: Brittany Grace

Having a full-time job and side hustle is no joke. Mix those two things with maintaining a social life, relationship, and fitness routine and you are booked for the rest of your life. A lot of bloggers claim they have “no time” to produce consistent content because of these other things. Well, I will agree that blogging isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible even if you do have a lot going on.

What you need to realize is that having a side hustle means there are always things you can be doing, and you have to make time to do it or you’ll stay stagnant.

There’s always something that can improve or something that needs to be promoted or created. As much fun and important as creating new content is, sometimes you have to get creative if you’re pressed for time. (P.S. I’m not saying skimp on quality. You should never skimp on the quality of your posts! But you should be smart about how/what you’re posting. )

tricks to create killer contentCreating an entire blog post from start to finish takes a long time. If you produce picture-heavy content, you then have to pick the keepers, edit them, find and make shopable links for them, and make them compatible for all social media channels. This can easily take hours.

And because I’ve had my fair share of blogger burnout, I’ve found some tricks to creating killer content that prevent me from feeling overwhelmed and underproduced. I’m able to still have a full-time job, workout, and keep my boyfriend happy.

Repurpose old content

Repurposing old content is my absolute favorite thing to do; in fact, I’m doing it right now from an old blog post on my own blog. I’ll take tidbits from my old blog posts and expand on them in a new blog post. This saves me so much time because the inspiration is already there and I’ve talked about it before, so I know the path I want the post to go.

You can even repurpose old content by turning blog posts into videos, quotes into pictures, and videos into blog posts. If you do it right, your content is still 100% original with a new twist.

This isn’t some blogger secret that only I know; this is something used among tons of celebrities, self-help “gurus”, and successful businesses.

Here’s an example that blew my mind: candles. Yes, candle companies trick us into thinking they’ve come up with new scents when really they’ve repurposed old scents and labeled them with seasonally appropriate names. There’s one candle I love called “Autumn Leaves”, and it’s exactly the same as another candle I love called “Summer Nights” made by the same company. Crazy or crazy smart?

Create round-ups

Round ups are such a great way to reuse old content. I will usually notice trends with my outfits and create a “5 Ways to Wear _____” post. All you’re doing is pulling images from old blog posts and creating something new. Genius.

Another thing I see bloggers doing that I don’t necessarily agree with is creating a “weekly round-up” which is a recap of their week. This to me is boring and a desperate attempt at creating blog content. If we follow you on social media, we know what you’re doing and we don’t need another play by play of all the things we already saw you do.

Use your commute wisely

I’ve definitely mentioned this on Snapchat – as a side hustler, you need to utilize every single minute of your day wisely. That means from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed.

So for me, since I work in NYC, I’m able to write blog posts on the train (like I’m doing right now), and I’m able to create a “blog tip of the day” via Snapchat while I’m walking to my full-time job.

If you’re someone who drives to work you can listen to inspiring/business related podcasts. Then jot down key takeaways right when you park.

Every minute is precious even if you think you have no choice but to watch the minutes pass – there is something productive you can be doing.

How do you create killer content? Tell us in the comments below! 

xx Britt

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