3 Steps to Handling Collaborations Like a Pro Blogger

Written by: Brittany Grace

Last week reader Stephanie thought 3 Questions Every Successful Blogger Asks Before a Collaboration was a post about asking brands certain questions before agreeing to a collaboration, instead of what it was really about (read to find out!). So this week I thought it would be cool to explore the collaboration process: what to ask, how to stay organized, and keep the momentum going. Basically, you’ll learn the key steps to handling collaborations like a pro blogger.

As a new blogger, it’s important to know these things so a. you don’t come across as a new blogger, and b. you can speed up the process of trial and error.

1. Ask brands the right questions.

A great question elicits a great answer.

With that said, there are definite dos and don’ts for what to ask brands about collaborations. The question you never want to ask a brand is if it’s a free or paid collaboration because it gives them the impression there’s a free option. You can eliminate that option completely without putting it on the table.

handle collaborations like a pro bloggerAs a blogger, you don’t want to come across as ignorant in your field. Assume every collaboration is paid and ask questions that help you form a price for what the brand wants.

What are you looking for? What is the timeline? Are there any specific promotional efforts being done that I should know about? Those all great questions from the get-go.

Once you have all the information, you can send a media kit with a list of your collaboration prices outlining what the brand will get in return. If you don’t have a media kit, you can adjust your prices on a collaboration basis. This means each collaboration can be different depending on what the brand wants.

2. Stay organized.

Usually, when you get one collaboration, it’s the start of a domino effect of collabs to come, so it’s important to stay super organized and manage your time wisely (especially if blogging is your side hustle).

The best way to keep the back and forth to a minimum is to prepare a media kit. You can also have an intro email script prepared with your media kit attached. Something like, “Hi <brand name>, thank you so much for your interest in working with Not Another Blonde. I’ve attached my media kit which includes pricing and a list of services I currently offer. If there’s something you’d like to discuss that’s not included, please let me know as I’m open to new ideas,” and then include your list of questions if necessary. Boom. Super easy, and you said everything in one shot.

If the brand wants to proceed, send them a script of how the payment is processed and a contract (this usually isn’t needed until you’re blogging on a large scale like Zanita).

Another tip I would suggest is to categorize your email into folders so you can keep everything organized. I have a folder for events, collabs, Instagram collabs, and random things.

3. Keep the collabs coming.

Once the collab is established, you want to keep the conversation going by following up after the post is done. Again, you can use a pre-written script saying how it was nice to work with them, but then add a little personalization by saying you enjoyed x, y, z. This adds a nice touch that could set you apart!

This can also increase your chances of being picked for future collaborations or being referred to other brands to work with. The fashion industry is small so you never want to burn any bridges, and you want to treat every collaboration as if it’s the most important one of your entire blogging career.

Give your all always and you will succeed not just in blogging but in life.

What questions do you ask brands before a collaboration? We want to know!


xx Britt

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