What Everyone is Going to be Wearing This Fall

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

I know…seems premature to already be talking about fall when we are in August at the peak of summer. But fashion works in *not so* mysterious ways.

Let the pre-fall trend spotting begin.

There’s no fault in improvising your must-haves for next season whilst sipping on a glass mimosa or rosé. If you haven’t started, I’ll be showing you what everyone is going to be wearing this fall… Being that I’m in constant contact with one of the biggest fashion bloggers out there (hey Z!), it’s only natural that I look ahead with the rest of the gang. Though we often look to fashion mavens like Zanita, and other influential girls, for inspiration, it’s not always realistic given our different budgets

Sooo, I decided to give you two options for each trendy item…

One where you can splurge and another where you save some serious bucks. From velvet boots to mule loafers, fall is looking remarkably freshhh.

It’s amazing how you can find amazing and much cheaper options!


Happy shopping and happy weekend!

X Eduarda

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