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7 Underused Affirmations to Jumpstart Your Day Every Day

Written by: Zanita Studio


Being in deliberate control of your thoughts makes all the difference in the world, but it’s too bad we don’t take control of those thoughts enough.

Unsurprisingly, Pinterest is a wonderful place to start! Read our selects below once and we guarantee you’ll instantly be on the right path to change. Whether your spark has been dimmed by insecurity, fear, guilt, or shame, you’ll see positive change unfold in massive waves by simply integrating these little, but power-packed, words into your morning mediation.

No matter what anyone says, you’re special, important, and worthy – and above all, you’re enough. Now light that fire and use these affirmations to jumpstart your day TODAY.






Positive affirmations to jumpstart your day

affirmations to jumpstart your day

Image Source Credits – Pinterest


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