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Timeless Outfits You Can Wear for Life

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro


I have this thing with basics.

As a teenager, I loved experimenting with clothes and was perceived as “artsy”; everyone thought I was studying arts when, in fact, I was doing sciences. Then when I went to college, that experimental desire faded away a bit and I transitioned into a sporty phase, wearing cargo pants, hoodies, and Nikes.

As I progressed into my Master’s program, I decided it was finally time to develop a personal style, but couldn’t! It was such a struggle until I went to Stockholm. That was a few years ago, but my first time there, it hit me hard – I now understood the true power of basics. Every girl was decked out head to toe in them and it worked!

Essentially, there are basic formulas that will never fail you in any occasion!

The secret is to find the timeless outfits that work for you specifically and then personalize them with your own touch. Here’s a good place to start:


Think tailored trousers and breton tops. How can they not work? Not necessarily with each other, but a variation of the ensemble above is unquestionable. I probably own 10 different types of striped tees and camisoles. They are just so versatile in every single way and color. Right?


Then, there’s the elegant skirt conundrum. We’re a fan. One can never have too many skirts. It’s like your favorite movie – the one you watch time and time again, but never get tired of.


Last but not least, the king of the basics: leather jacket and skinny jeans. Are people ever going to get over it? I think not and I certainly won’t. It’s so simple, yet enchanting and poetic – just works so well. You can simply play with accessories and you’ll never ever look boring.

What are your favorite classic combos?

Basics FTW!

X Eduarda

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