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The Smaller Things in Life You Should be Paying Attention to

Written by: Zanita Studio


In a hyper-competitive generation of “me me me” and “do do do”, it’s very possible to fall into the entrapment of things that don’t make a ton of difference.

Sure, we can all use prestigious jobs, luxury delicacies, and lavish vacations; as a matter of fact, for the most of us, those things only exist in our dreams… But even if it could be reality, what are you going to do with all of that? If you haven’t realized it, this trap of “more more more” sets you on an insatiable appetite of living purposefully. As a result, you’re probably looking in all the wrong places for the basic building blocks of constructing a meaningful life.

Here’s a start – the smaller things in life that make a tremendous impact:

smaller things in life that matter– Small decisions.

Look back at how your life unfolded… Did any of those big decisions hugely impact your life? Maybe, but look again… It was the smaller things – those decisions you made day in and day out – that had a greater impact on the whole. The lesson here, don’t stress the big stuff – instead, redirect your energy towards the small actions you can take for that’s what’ll hewn your character and change your course in the long run.

– People who need you.

In the end, things are just things. The love of family and friends is far more important than wealth and privilege. What’s the point of materialism when you have no one to share it with? So, put your phone down and escape social media… Give someone your time and be 100% present. Be the friend someone can vent to for just 30 minutes, the one who reads and re-reads that annoying resume, and replies to the e-mails of the insignificant girls next door. Be the parent who listens to that boring narrative your child has to tell. That’s the type of shit that makes a difference.

– Kindness.

In tandem to the point above, we frequently forget that the world can use more kindness. Teach others to be kind by being kind – it’s a contagious act that keeps going round and round once given. At the root of kindness is love, respect, and consideration – essential morals typically forgotten amid power, fame, and ignorance. Start by always saying please & thank you, holding the door for someone behind (or in front of) you, lending a hand to the struggling mom with two kids, and picking up something when someone’s dropped it.

It’s always the smaller things in life that matter!


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