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One Effective Way to Unleash Your Inner Creative Self

Written by: Zanita Studio

Relatively speaking, being creative and being original are, in essence, the same – they require the same amount of energy from the the same side of the brain…

And in our age of blogging, we could use a little more originality and creativity! If you’ve been wondering what you can possibly do to be more creative (or unleash the creative soul that lives in you), we may have just found the thing! Adam Grant, Wharton professor, wrote on the New York Times on how you can raise a more creative child…

Given that we’re all adults now, the advice warrants a bit of flexibility, but it’s still highly applicable to our own lives (and in nurturing our inner creative self)…

unleash your creative selfSo here’s Grant’s advice: Limit the rules. Kids need the freedom to explore, invent, tinker, and create. He also said, “Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.”

As adults, being so set in our ways hinders that freedom, but it’s not impossible (or ever too late) to change although it will require a great deal of discipline.

What you should try to do now is eliminate the schedule – put the planner away. Schedules create limitations, routines, and habit (all otherwise known as practice), which doesn’t make new.

Instead, free the time you’ve carved out for other activities to explore, imagine, and create! Think for yourself rather than allowing your circumstances to think for you, but be flexible in that process. You need the freedom to discover your interests and broaden your experiences, and then bring both those elements together into the art you’re after. For instance, if you want to be a more creative and original fashion blogger, you don’t just focus on fashion blogging… You might travel, dabble in studio and on-location photography, learn CSS/HTML, read magazines, AND write stories rather than just focusing on the practice of blogging.

Easier said than done when your obligations consist of keeping the house clean, running errands, and taking care of others. But stop stressing, free up the time and see what comes tumbling after.


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