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The Best Places to Learn Outside of School & Beyond

Written by: Zanita Studio


For several of you out there, the next 2-3 weeks spell a brand new school year. And the rest of us, well…don’t let the lack of a formal schedule avert you from learning…

As a matter of fact, we believe knowledge is a life-long sojourn and a fundamental human need. The majority of us are brought up in a structured classroom environment where a teacher gives lectures, and we’re given homework and exams to measure gauge our understanding. Once we surpass those years, we tend to forget how to learn – and that we actually even need to learn. If a new school year impacts you in no way, let it be a memo that you need to keep learning something new every year.

We’re sharing 4 of our favorite places to learn outside of school to get you started.

how to learn outside of schoolBooks & Journal

You don’t need a teacher to learn; all you need is yourself and a book – a dictionary counts! Books offer a wealth of knowledge and can take you in so many directions no matter which way you choose to go. It’s an underrated stimulating activity that keeps you young at heart and in mind. Journaling goes right in hand with reading – it’s an effective way to construe your feelings, monitor your learnings, and understand yourself. So, read and write more!


The guys who invented YouTube pretty much gave us the world. Wanna learn how to cook? ✔ Apply makeup like a pro? ✔ Dissect a calculus problem like mathematician? ✔ Take photos and edit them beautifully in Photoshop? ✔ Everything is on YouTube, just search it!

Online Resources

Online learning is nothing revolutionary, but the fact that there are so many options out there now gives you ZERO excuses to not try out a free course. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few of our favorite resources:

Sometimes, being self-taught is better than formal education because you can actually learn what you want to learn and filter through the bullshit. Besides, the latter can get ridiculously expensive.


If you don’t like the whole online learning environment, take a workshop! Boutique bakeries offer specialty lessons and your local community colleges provide a plethora of continuing ed courses to pick from. You just have to do the leg work in finding what interests you.

Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

– Henry Ford


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