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The Benefits of Blogging No One Talks About

Written by: Zanita Studio

There’s been more negative blog talk than normal, but we’re about to trump this adverse mindset right now…

Both brands and readers have become self-proclaimed experts in this realm, which hasn’t benefited the blogosphere. So instead of focusing on the slumps of blogging, we wanted to talk about the benefits of blogging. (Yes, there are monumental benefits!)

#1 You learn real life business skills.

If you didn’t go to business school, but want to learn business skills, welcome to blogging. It’s your cheapest and best option. You might think you have the fundamentals of marketing, finance/accounting, and management if you went to business school, but put that into practice and you’ll know that what you learn in the textbooks isn’t always applicable outside the classroom.

the benefits of bloggingBlogging is great because it forces you to create a brand (your personal brand) through visuals, copy, and voice, and then market and manage it (via social media and creating a schedule). It’s no easy feat and will probably take years before you build some sort of mastery, but the lessons you learn along the way are unparalleled. The best part about doing this for yourself versus someone else is that it’s all in your control. Don’t like something right now, change it. Not seeing the results you want? Revamp instantly.

#2 It makes you hyper self-aware.

Back to building your brand, it forces you to look at yourself from every single angle. Now this can be a good or a bad thing, but at the Studio, our glass is half full. If you haven’t been able to nail a personal style or pinpoint an aesthetic that makes your heart sing, blogging will help get you there.

You become a master filter because there’s so much shit on the Internet!

#3 It keeps you curious and keen.

Learning new things is a great way keep your mind sharp, and there’s plenty to learn in the business of blogging. It also becomes a friendly competition, which does nothing but push us to be better! You’ll constantly think of ways to push the envelope and keep your blog fresh. In doing so, you’ll look into new outlets, find resources that inspire you, and explore ways to keep your creative juices flowing!

#4 Freedom.

No one is in control of what you write, photograph, and publish. You are your own filter. That also means you dictate when you want to blog… Longevity in the blogosphere requires discipline, which you’ll learn with the freedom you have. If that means cutting the work day short, but working weekends, do it! If it’s working early mornings and late nights, but taking three days off, do that! The beauty in blogging is there is no right way!

#5 It creates opportunity.zanita-instagram-handbag

The opportunity to travel, participate in brand collaborations, and meet other creatives in the industry are endless! You’ll never know who’s looking or paying attention, so do your best all the time! If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible.

#6 Money.

Getting paid is great, but getting paid to do what you love is the best thing ever! Brands set a lot of money aside for marketing and advertising, meaning they are willing to pay. You probably already know this by attentively following some of the largest influencers out there… That wealth all spurred from blogging…

Although it feels superficial to talk about the earnings potential of bloggers, it’s a huge benefit that doesn’t necessarily mean one has become a sellout.


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