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Snapchat or Instagram Stories? The Best One for Your Blog

Written by: Brittany Grace

Well, Instagram sure threw us a curveball, didn’t they?

I did NOT see that coming. I would have thought Snapchat would have patented so hard that it would have become a monopoly in video chat, but apparently not! Again, it just goes to show you need to diversify your social media strategy like you would your financial investments, (which I preach all the time on… Snapchat!).

Anyway, every single blogger on the planet is now debating using Snapchat or Instagram stories.

Snapchat stories are better for…

filters, fun, people with an already engaged audience, and gaining new audiences. Because Snapchat is the OG of “stories”, I don’t see bloggers abandoning it completely because it has built such a solid and loyal user base.

snapchat or instagram storiesBecause of Snapchat’s new sharing feature, your ability to reach and be recommended by friends is unlimited. With the click of a button, someone’s profile can be “recommended” to people they follow and, unlike Instagram where you get a taste of what’s expected, the person who gets the suggestion has to add you to see what you’re all about. You have the advantage to win them over with your personality whereas on Instagram, it’s like judging a book by its cover.

Snapchat is such a unique way to express yourself if you’re an aspiring actor or comedian by taking on different personas according to the filters. It’s also great for mini beauty tutorials whereas Instagram can get confusing. There’s an occasional lag or glitch, which can get cumbersome. I also don’t like that I have to play the whole stream before I can replay it again (all of my gripes I’m sure Insta will work out at some point). I’ve also noticed the calibration is off for Instagram stories so when you write a caption on the edge of your picture, it gets cut off.

Snapchat is more user-friendly in that sense, but they’ve also been doing this longer. So for functionality and fun, Snapchat stories are better… for now.

Instagram stories are better for…

people on Instagram who a. don’t follow you on Snapchat and b. don’t have Snapchat. Instagram stories have the potential to lure in new followers by getting a glimpse of your personality.

Nowadays, facts tell, stories sell, and clearly Snapchat and Instagram feel the same way because their “stories” are making a killing! You want to sell yourself via Instagram story by providing as much value as possible to your audience.


If you’re someone who wasn’t convinced of Snapchat’s secret branding powers, then don’t bother getting an account now since you can essentially do the same thing on Instagram. It’s one less app to worry about.

Plus, you’ll most likely reach more people with your Instagram story than you would with Snapchat. Gaining followers on Snapchat is more challenging because there is no strategy other than sending your current followers on a wild goose chase to find you.

There are also plenty of other people on Instagram who don’t have Snapchat but have Instagram, making Insta stories a great way to connect on a personal level.


For us bloggers who are still baffled by the whole thing and not sure where to go or what to do, relax.

You’re in a digital world and digital businesses are the most susceptible to change, so you just have to adapt if you want to survive.

Unfortunately, instead of this change making things easier for bloggers, Instagram actually made it harder for those of us who already have Snapchat because now, we’re doing twice the work by updating on both platforms. That also means we’re creating even more content which might be overwhelming for us and our followers!

The best advice I can offer is: keep your options open and test both stories to see which works better for you. The goal is to get your content in front of the eyes of as many people as possible, so go where the people are going!

This technique should be applied to every aspect of your blog/business. You want to build brand awareness and the best way to do that is by following the consumer/customer/follower.

One thing I will say is that Snapchat will need to come back hard after Instagram’s new knockout story feature.

Do you prefer Snapchat stories or Instagram stories? Tell us in the comments below!


xx Britt

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