How to Negotiate as a New Blogger

Written by: Brittany Grace

I had an interesting experience this past week regarding collaborations. I finally made the decision not to give anything away for free even if it is in exchange for a luxury product. Time is money and your time is precious, so it’s important that the return on investment is worth anything you do for your blog/business.

It was an uncomfortable situation as I second guessed my rates and feared turning away business because of it. I thought, ‘Is it too high? Is it too low? Is it just right?’…

So, I texted a fellow blogger friend for some insight and she said,

Brittany everyone feels this way! You’re so good at helping other people realize their worth now you have to do it for yourself.

She was right. Once I remembered my trusty tips and consulted with other bloggers who have a similar following, I decided my price point was exactly where it should be.

negotiate as a new blogger

Let that be a lesson to you: practice what you preach.

As I’ve mentioned before, asking for money is uncomfortable, especially when you’re asking for money for something you’ve always done for free, but if you want to go from side hustle to full-time hustle, it’s something everyone has to do. But how?

After brainstorming the potential scenarios with my blogger babe, we decided on 2 things: 1. Make a fake email account, and 2. Have a media kit on deck – these two things will help you negotiate as a new blogger.

1. Make a fake email account

Your fake email account isn’t necessarily fake, but it helps legitimize your blog/business. Instead of having all emails go to (my actual email), you would make a “” or something along those lines. This email would strictly be set up to handle collaborations or press inquiries that come through.

Once it’s good to go, you need a fake person to manage it, of course. This fake person (you) would negotiate on your behalf under the alias of someone else. Brilliant!

As your blog grows, so will your team and eventually you may have an agent or manager handling things for you, but for now in order to negotiate as a new blogger, you’ll have to act as yourself and your manager.

2. Have a media kit ready to go

To keep the negotiating and back and forth to a minimum, you want to have a media kit or one-pager that outlines your prices and services ready to go for brands. (If you want me to do a post on media kits tell me in the comments.)

Media kits show you’re an organized seasoned pro, aka you have your sh** together, and you know exactly what you’re doing. The less room you leave for negotiations, the less negotiating there will be. Not only do media kits help you stick to the same collaboration guidelines, but they’re to the point and answer any (or all) questions the brand could have.

Even if a brand still has questions after you send them your media kit, don’t worry because your “manager” will handle that. ::wink::

Do you want to know more about media kits? Comment yes or no below!

xx Britt

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