My New Favorite Two-Step Facial Cleansing Routine

Written by: Susan Hang


I have always loved the idea of double cleansing!

My skincare routine didn’t always start with a cleansing oil though – I slowly transitioned into that this year, not that cleansing oils are groundbreaking or anything, but I was just afraid of oil-based products despite their praises. That mentality was a result of my adult acne. After being on an oil + cleanser routine for many months now, I would advise everyone give it a shot.

I realize beauty brands haven’t made this very easy for us because a cleanser has always just been a cleanser. You might get an offering for Normal, Oily, or Sensitive/Dry skin, and then that’s it. Besides, I’m sure many of you believe there’s no need to parlay in this part of your regimen because cleansers spend the least amount of time on your skin. However, I beg to differ – I believe they can make that big of a difference!

Not many brands will offer you a two-step facial cleansing routine, so if that’s what you’re looking for, discover Tatcha!

tatcha facial cleansing routine

tatcha skincare

I tend to switch up my cleansers as temperatures head south because my skin changes drastically. I was thrilled to put these to the test because they turned out to be exactly what I need – something gentle, hydrating, and effective! In case you’re wondering if you need a cleansing oil, I would vouch for it if you wear makeup (or even SPF) regularly and find yourself with clogged pores. So then what’s the purpose of the second step? To remove any traces of makeup and dead skin cells or debris. Find out below if these two are right for you!

(Before we start though, can we just admire Tatcha’s splendid packaging for a little? It just makes my heart beat! Everything comes with that thin ornamental sticker that’s basically icing on the cake! They sure know a thing or two about eye candy!)

Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

This product feels amazing on the hand (and face) because it doesn’t exactly feel oily and you won’t get a slippery aftermath, which is why I like it so much. It’s medium in weight so you also don’t have to worry about it running off your hands and down your arms. In terms of breaking down makeup, you’re safe if you’re not donning full coverage on the daily. However, if you are, you might need to do this twice… It also doesn’t melt away mascara as well as I’d like it to, but on the upside, it combats dryness extremely well, leaving the skin so soft and moisturized. That’s a huge win for me as winter makes its round.

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

This is the most unique cleanser I have ever used! With my Southeast Asian roots, rice as a skincare ingredient doesn’t surprise me at all. It reminds me of when my mom used to make me rub boiled rice water into my skin when I was suffering from rashes. Anyway, after the cleansing oil, I pour some of this stuff into the palm of my hands, mix it with water to form a light paste, and then gently massage it into my skin. It’s delicate enough to be used daily and just makes my face feel really fresh and clean.

facial cleansing routine - tatcha rice cleanser


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